Multilingual Online Event Registration System

Women's Worlds 2011

Women's Worlds 2011 was looking for a way to publish online event registration form in multiple languages (English, French and Spanish), with multiple custom questions. At the end, 3 online registration forms were fully translated and site reports allowed staff to identify participants based on their answers. Communication with participants was enabled to support program updates.

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Online event registration system with embedded online payment option.


To present Women's Worlds 2011 participants a form in their language of choice (English, Spanish, French) and to be able to report on participants needs and status.


Data import from Ubercart to CiviCRM to capture previously submitted payments from Ubercart to newly installed CiviCRM system.

Developed by

Freeform Solutions team (project manager, CiviCRM specialists/developers) and Women's Worlds representatives

Why did this project use CiviCRM?

CiviCRM was the most flexible solution to provide with customizable fields for online registration forms as well as fully translatable fields labels and additional text.