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Submitted by totten on 01.03.13     |     CiviCRM, Architecture Series

As of March 1st, the official source-code repository of CiviCRM has switched from Subversion to Github. Git and Github provide a number of advantages:

  • Popular among FOSS projects...
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Submitted by Deepak.Srivastava on 10.02.13     |     CiviCRM, Architecture Series

As part of my course i have been doing research on what would it require plug an external storage engine into CiviCRM, and how other open source systems doing it. Answer lies in a better config...

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Submitted by ErikHommel on 20.11.12     |     Architecture Series, Documentation, v3.3, CiviCase

Just created a quick ERD for CiviCase, and shared it on this page http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC42...

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Submitted by Joe Murray on 26.09.12     |     Internationalization and Localization, Extensions, CiviCRM, Architecture Series

Extensions are a growing part of the CiviCRM way of doing things. We need to develop a process and toolset to facilitate getting them translated and making those translations easily installable....

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Submitted by totten on 22.07.12     |     CiviCRM, Architecture Series, Interface and design

Brian Shaughnessy (lcdweb), who has been working with the New York State Senate's CiviCRM project, recently raised the issue of simultaneous editing: What happens when two users simultaneously...

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