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Submitted by tonymazz on 29.09.14     |     Meetups


Calling all current (and future) CiviCRM users and...

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Submitted by alainb on 02.09.14     |     Meetups

Join us at the first(?) CiviCRM meetup in Belgium!

More information and registration: https://civicrm.org/civicrm/event/...

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Submitted by Michael McAndrew on 15.07.14     |     Marketing and Promotion, Meetups

There are four really interesting CiviCRM sessions penciled in for NTEN this year (in Austin,...

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Submitted by tomas.ptp on 11.07.14     |     Meetups, Training

Want to learn how to use CiviCRM/PowerBase to raise more money for your mission? Then join PTP On July 31 and August 1 in Baltimore. We'll spend two days learning how to be more...

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Submitted by Nathan Porter on 28.04.14     |     CiviCon, Community, Meetups, Tips for Users, Training

After having worked with CiviCRM for going on a year, I was excited to see the community around the project and learn more about others who are using CiviCRM. Initially, I questioned the risk vs...

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