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"...not on those days." 

That's fine, we'd still love your help. If you have some time to spare before the formal sprint dates either leave a comment on...

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Submitted by jchester on 18.07.14     |     Documentation, Sprints, v4.5

Join us during our Documentation Dash (remote sprint) on Sunday 27th July and Monday 28th July to help get the new edition of the User and Administrator Guide ready for release at the same time...

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Submitted by jaapjansma on 08.05.14     |     Documentation, Extensions

One of the requirements in a project I am working at the moment was that the client wanted to enter when an adress becomes active. E.g. a member says he is moving by the 1st July 2015 (which is...

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Down here in Bristol, we’ve been putting more bones on the video project and talking to lots of people who want to be...

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