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A collection of tokens we've been asked to do at various points including

- today's date

- name of other contact in a relationship (this gives the name of one persion with x relationship to the given contact - only in a->b direction - useful for getting spouse's name if you know there will only ever be one)


- expiry date of current membership (if exists) - will retrieve the membership that finishes latest


Create Member Relationships

If there is a contact with a b relationship to this contact that has the same kind of membership as this contact, this extension creates a button in the edit membership screen that allows the user set that membership as the parent membership.

Show Member Ids

This extension displays any member ids for a contact in the contact summary. It also displays the member id in the membership view and edit screens.

Create Relationships between Memberships

Allows users to set an owner membership for an individual membership, provided a relationship exists between the two contacts and the primary member has a membership of the same type as the individual membership.


This module provides CiviCRM entities (contacts, addresses, phones) as Drupal entities, to allow rules integration, entity references, node to civi-views etc.

API csv Import GUI

This extension facilitates uploading CSVs via the CiviCRM import interface. Useful for bulk uploading events or campaigns etc.

The civicrm api entity can be set to, for example, Event or Campaign. (Note that for entities like Contribution Pages you need to use API names - either ContributionPage or contribution_page). The same permissions apply as for any api create call.

To use you need to go to civicrm/csvimporter/import . More notes are in the README.


PayZang Payment Plugin For ACH Processing, Credit and Debit Card Processing

PayZang has developed a payment processor plugin for CiviCRM (4.2.9) on Drupal that allows organizations to accept ACH and Credit/Debit Card payments. This plugin allows you to do recurring as well one-time payments using both ACH and Credit/Debit Cards. In addition, it allows you to add ACH as a payment instrument and enables accepting contributions, memberships and event fees using ACH and Credit/Debit cards. PayZang allows you to plugin any existing merchant account from First Data, Global, Elavon, TSYS and Vantiv.

no overwrite

CiviCRM noverwrite extension

Prevent users to overwrite on their record while trying to add a new participant/contrib

civiCRM by default pre-select your own contact details when you register to an event (or other public visible forms) if you are logged in. It is generally a good thing, but might lead to errors, for instance when a team member will overwrite their own contact record, or if one forward an invitation they received to someone else. This extension put the first and last name fields read only, to prevent these mistake

Campaign Monitor

Existing Campaign Monitor Lists will not be touched or synced. Everytime the Campgain Monitor Settings are saved the lists are saved, lists are created for the selected groups (if they do not already exist).

Wordpress CiviMember Role Sync Plugin

This Plugin has the same functionality as CiviMember Roles Sync module in Drupal. The plugin checks the Membership details when the user logins/logouts, and updates the WordPress Role according to the Rules set in Association Rules.  The manual synchronize option is also available. It has one more field to set Expiry Role ie, assign role if the membership is expired.

To download the plugin please click the following link