CiviCRM + Caldera Forms Makes Intake Easier for The POINT


The POINT is a non profit organization dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. They provide after-school and summer programs for 500 Hunts Point young people, grades 1-12. Collecting and reporting demographic information around participants is central to the POINT’s ability to secure funding for its programs. Collecting this data with the initial intake application made sense; using CiviCRM with Caldera Forms streamlined and automated the process.

Organizational focus
Social Service
Organization type
Non Profit


The Point CDC was referred to Tadpole by Palante Tech aftering receiving funding to implement CiviCRM for their organization, specifically to setup the intake application process. We conducted and completed a discovery process where we met with The Point’s core administrative staff – plus staff from each of the individual program – to understand their needs in terms of data capture, tracking and reporting. We then created a single application form that could be used to capture all intake data across the organization and store it in the centralized CiviCRM database. 


To accomplish this we used the Caldera Forms CiviCRM plugin. We learned of the Caldera Civi integration just as we kicked off the project and believed that the plugin would be a perfect starting point, given the functional requirements we defined during discovery. We were in touch with the Caldera Forms developer for the duration of the project, and he was amazing in enhancing the integration and fixing bugs based on our feedback. There are still some kinks to iron out, but the organization has been extremely patient and gracious – and they are delighted with their new, streamlined intake process.


When The Point reached out to us, they had already been granted funding and had decided to use CiviCRM and WordPress. We provided what was needed to allow them to migrate their static HTML website to WordPress and set them up with CiviCRM using the Caldera Forms integration. 


Because many youngsters may be living with guardians other than their parents, the application allows for students to indicate who they live with and who should be listed as an emergency contact; it asks for the names of any teachers, advisors, and guidance counselors, adding up to ten contacts in the CiviCRM database and mapping the relationship between the primary contact (the student/applicant) and each associated contact. Other types of information collected include whether or not the student has access to a computer at home, is enrolled in any special education programs, etc.

Caldera Forms provided a robust form builder to layout the application form, and it’s conditional logic feature allowed for different options need to be presented based on the age/grade of the applicant.

Caldera Forms CiviCRM plugin adds processors were used to create contacts, relationships, and activities. Captured activities include:

  • the applicant expressing an interest in a particular program

  • the applicant signing out a camera for a photography class

  • the applicant affirming that the parent/guardian has read the terms of the program and grants permission

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The POINT was developed by Tadpole Collective, New York.