PCP Hide Amount

This provides an additional option for donors who are contributing on a PCP (personal campaign page). They can already select to have their donation show up in the honor roll or not, for the PCP they are supporting. This extension gives them the further option to choose if the donation amount is displayed or not, in that honor roll text.

multi event map

This extension adds a map displaying multiple events. They can be filtered using the same form as being used in the manage events page. To have this working geocoding should be enabled.

The the

the the
This extension alters the sort name saved for organisations. It allows you to remove the 'The' from the beginning. The sort name is used from quicksearch so removing optional strings makes it easier for users to search and to realise the contact already exists with or without the 'the'.

Form Field Library

This extension has a collection of form fields which can be used in other extensions. For example the Search Action Designer uses this Form Field Library to provide field types on the form after a search.

Below an example of the Message Template field and the Option Group field. The latter is configured to show the activity status.