Checksum Export

This extension makes the checksum of the contact available for exporting.
This extension is developed for the use case where an organisation wants to send letters to its members to pay the membership fee
online. The letter contains a QR-code which is basically the url of the contribution page, this url needs the checksum as parameter.
The letter is generated from a csv file and mail merge.


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Export Permission

The Export Permission extension is designed to help restrict who has the ability to export records in your database.

It adds a new permission that allows the Export option to appear in the drop down Actions menu after a search.

When this extension is enbled, users that are not explicitly granted this permission do not see the Export option listed.

Member Only Event

  • Do you want to restrict registration to certain events to logged in members only but still have other events open to the public? If the answer to the above question is yes, then this extension is for you. This extension allows you to set a flag to any event so registration is restricted to those that have a current membership.

QR Code Checkin

QRCode Checkin allows you to send an email that contains a scanable code to the registered participants for your event.

Your registration workers can use any freely available QR Code scanning software on their phones to scan the code and open the encoded web address on their browser.

When they do, they will get the status information about the registration

With one click, the registration worker can change their status from registered to attended.