Install this extension if you are a developer and wish to integrate CiviCRM with an extension or application, or if another extension requires it.

Entity Templates

This extension allows you to create templates for Contacts and Contributions.

Templates will pre-fill your "New Individual", "New Organization", and/or "New Contribution" screens with values you've pre-selected.  This includes custom fields and tags/groups.  Perhaps you have a regularly scheduled event that brings in new constituents that need the same "Source" field and are tagged/grouped the same way - this will cut down on repetitive data entry.

Cron Plus

Cron Plus adds new features to the Schedule Jobs. It can be set the exactly date / time when a job must be executed

It fixes as well the known issue for cron execution shifting described here:



CiviCRM Eavesdropper: Overrides the default file log and writes to Redis instead.


  • You can directly clone to your CiviCRM extension directory using
    $ git clone https://github.com/wannesderoy/be.calibrate.eavesdropper


  • PHP v7.0+
  • CiviCRM 5.0
  • PhpRedis extension
  • Redis 4.0


Put the following constants in your civicrm.settings.php


This extension does the following:

  • Creates a document set in Sharepoint for each contact in CiviCRM
  • Create a document set in Sharepoint for each case in CiviCRM
  • Provides a link to the sharepoint document set on the contact summary screen
  • Provides a link to the sharepoint document set on the case summary screen

Installation instructions

CiviCRM OSDI Contact Sync

This is an extension for importing from and exporting to OSDI endpoints from CiviCRM. We suport syncs for Contact resources between CiviCRM to CiviCRM instances, as well as ActionNetwork to CiviCRM instances. Syncs are updated every day automatically through jobs that take groups of contacts on a remote instance of CiviCRM / ActionNetwork and ensure that these contacts are store and up to date on the host CiviCRM instance. All actions are negotiated through the OSDI implementation, and this extension provides an OSDI API endpoint to access contact instances through an OSDI format.

Contact Layout Editor

  • Once installed, navigate to Administer -> Customize Data and Screens -> Contact Summary Layouts to open the editor.
  • Create one or more layouts, dragging the desired blocks from the palette.
  • Click the "New Block" button to create a block combining any contact fields you desire (including custom fields).
  • Your blocks can be added to one or more layouts. Editing a block in use by multiple layouts will affect them all.