The following tokens are provided by this extension:

* {} e.g.: 24. Januar 2018
* {norsk.pronoun_degdere}: deg/dere
* {norsk.pronoun_degdere_capital}: Deg/Dere
* {norsk.pronoun_dinderes_capital}: Din/Deres
* {norsk.pronoun_dinderes}: din/deres
* {norsk.pronoun_dinederes}: dine/deres
* {norsk.pronoun_dinederes_capital}: Dine/Deres
* {norsk.pronoun_dudere_capital}: Du/Dere
* {norsk.pronoun_dudere}: du/dere

Validate Checksum API

Requirement was to be able to validate a checksum (from a mailing from CiviCRM) from an external website. There is a function that does that, this extension simply enables that function in the API.

Required parameters: contact_id and checksum, returns is_valid:true or false in the values array.

Contact Editor

Currently you can change contact type using the api. This unintentionally allows data loss. Conversely you cannot change the type from the UI.

This extension alters the contact.create api to do the following actions

Block change if