Disabled Page Redirect

Extension deals with situation where sites have many short-term contribution pages that may later be disabled. Sometimes these pages are google indexed and people go to them wanting to donate.

The extension allows a default contribution page to be configured (by domain), and blocks disabling or deleting of this page. Browsers accessing a disabled contribution page are redirected to the default page.

This extension (& any attempt to redirect in a Civi hook for disabled contribution pages ) is currently blocked by

Payment Tokens

This extension is to support the use of payment tokens with payment processors. It contains the part of token handling that I think core would ideally do & I will be adding to it. Currently it


1) creates a table civicrm_payment_tokens

2) exposes the table to views if you have civicrm_entity installed (Drupal only) by implementing the paymenttokens_civicrm_alter_drupal_entities & paymenttokens_civicrm_alter_drupal_entity_labels hooks

3) adds api crud to store payment tokens


This is a CiviCRM CMS independent extension for creating and managing embeddable widgets which can showcase content from various CiviCRM properties like Donate links to contribution pages, Contribution status as progress bar, Mailinglist signup forms, html text etc. The Widget Creation Interface (WCI) offer the flexibility to CiviCRM users to customize the look and feel of the widgets.

Batch Update of Grants via Profile

This extension provides batch update functionality for grants similar that for contacts in CiviCRM core.

Up to 100 grants can be edited simultaneously in a table-like grid on a webpage. The fields are defined by adding them to a profile.

NB. This extension adds support for contact reference fields as custom grant fields in profiles, allowing them to be used for batch updates.