Aggregate household contributions report

Most organizations that keep track of Household relationships in CiviCRM eventually find that their contribution records are spread across a mix of individuals and households: some contributions attributed to the Smith Household, others to John Smith, and still others to Mary Smith. But when you've taken the time to keep good Household records, you probably want to relate to your contacts as households at times, especially in your fundraising campaigns, where it can really matter, for example, how much the entire household has given in the past year.
The Aggregated Household Contribution report offers a way to report accurately on exactly that type of question.


This extension adds address verification to anyform. Once a user starts to type in a street address they will be presented with 10 standardized address options from smartystreets. This list will filter the more they type. Once they select an address it will check if the address is verified. In order to use this you need an account at which is free for non-profits.

Enhanced Tags

This extensions allows you to add a coordinator (contact) for a tag, with an end and start date. See GitHub documentation for more information. This extension was developed for PUM ( and is freely available. We do not aim to package it but feel free to ask us any questions!

Authorize.Net eCheck.Net


Does not work on 4.7.23+ because it overrides a core CiviCRM file


CiviCRM Extension that provides support for Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net ACH/EFT Service


  • Provides a New Payment Processor for eCheck.Net based on Authorize.Net API (AIM Method)
  • Supports Recurring Contributions using Authorize.Net Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)