US County Loader

This extension loads United States counties when you first install it.  Once enabled, it does nothing.  You may disable it or uninstall it, and nothing will happen: the counties will remain loaded in your database.  If you re-enable it, it will check for missing counties and just add those.

CDN Tax Receipts

Creates Tax Receipts including single or annual/aggregate tax receipts, with distribution by email or print, detailed reporting, press ready PDF template possible. We worked with (and continue to work with) a BDO Tax Partner who has strong ties to both the NPO community and Tax Authorities (CRA).

Group-Based Pricing

This CiviCRM extension allows you to limit the display of individual prices in price sets to specific groups. This allows you to implement things like members-only pricing for events. (by using a Smart Group to track current members) This extension works with both static and smart groups.

CSS Inline

This extension uses the cssin library ( to convert style sheet links to inline css. This is important for content that is going to a gmail account to render correctly. Also, it makes it easier to see the same thing in your browser as the final email

For example

Civi Account Sync

This extension supports CiviXero but has been written so that it could also support different accounting synchronisations in the hope it will encourage greater collaboration. It is a dependency of CiviXero

It provides