NHS email -> SMS gateway client for CiviSMS

The extension uses cURL (command line, not the PHP library) to connect securely to the NHS email servers, making use of the NHSnet SMS gateway to send SMS messages. Probably only of use or relevance to CiviCRM users who are working in NHS organisations in the UK.

Features: smtp transport, server (peer) verification using public CA certificate,

Tested, working for us. YMMV. It's a work-in progress. Happy to discuss additional applications, and use cases.

Database Health Report

The Database Health Report  provides you with a snapshot of your CiviCRM database's usage. It reports the last login time and number of contacts and activities modified by each user. WIth this report, you can evaluate the effectiveness of staff trainings, or get a quick glimpse into which users are active and who may need more prodding.

Note: this is packaged as a native CiviCRM extensions, however, it includes queries that depend on Drupal's user table.

API key

Once installed, an 'API Key' tab will be available on contact screens for which you are authorized to manage the API key for this contact. You are authorized either if the contact if yourself, or if you are an administrator with the 'edit all contacts' permission.

You can then add an API key, Edit an exiting API key (with either manual input or an auto-generate feature) or Delete an API key (by setting it's value to blank).


API csv Import GUI

This extension facilitates uploading CSVs via the CiviCRM import interface. Useful for bulk uploading events or campaigns etc.

The civicrm api entity can be set to, for example, Event or Campaign. (Note that for entities like Contribution Pages you need to use API names - either ContributionPage or contribution_page). The same permissions apply as for any api create call.

To use you need to go to civicrm/csvimporter/import . More notes are in the README.