Quick contact autocomplete

This extension improves the default search in several ways:

  • more efficient requests
  • search in the start of the names instead of in the middle (first or last)
  • adjust based on the length of the query and the number of results to do the query(ies) that are the most efficient

Give it a go and let me know what you think of the result.

Tips and trick

If you search for a number (eg. 42) it won't find any contact, but if you press enter, it will directly go to the contact view for this contact id.


You like how tags are displayed in the contact summary?

this extension does the same, for groups. You can also add the contact to a group from the summary (click on the Groups label)

Extended Mailing Stats

This extension module is currently an alpha release, subject to modification after feedback.  It is however useful now, and feedback is very welcome.

This module provides a report similar to the Mailing Summary report, and including most of the information in that report, but with extra detail.


What is CiviBooking?

Are you a non profit with Rooms or Resources that you think you could raise money by renting out? Or are you a community center or voluntary service looking to manage your resources better? Sick of spreadsheets, emails and that Google calendar that no one keeps up to date? Then CiviBooking is the extension for you!

Welcome to the new CiviBooking 1.5

A large amount of issues are fixed in this version.

Summary Fields

Summary Fields make it easier to search for major donors, recent donors, lapsed donors as well as to show a synopsis of a donor’s history. Summary Fields extends your CiviCRM data by creating a tab of fields that total up and summarize donation history.

Once the Extension is installed, visit Administer > Customise > Summary Fields, and select the fields you want displayed. Once you've completed set-up, a new tab will appear alongside other tabs in contact records showing the totals for each individual.

MailChimp Sync

This CiviCRM extension provides two way synchronisation between CiviCRM groups and MailChimp Lists.

Changes to users in regular groups are synced with MailChimp in real-time, smart groups use CiviCRM's Scheduled Jobs to sync up.

Changes made on MailChimp are sync'd back to CiviCRM using Webhooks


 CiviHR empowers organisations to record and manage their staff and volunteers and transform HR processes via its specialist software.

We know that HR is difficult, especially for non-profits with limited budgets and high numbers of volunteers and part-time staff. CiviHR is affordable HR software for non-profit organisations; by developing open source technology and utilising the existing framework of CiviCRM, the cost-saving benefits can be shared with non-profits everywhere.

Event Calendar - Extension

Event Calendar Extension allows you to view all CiviCRM events in a calendar by month,day,week.
The setting page allows us to select which events should be shown on calendar with the color we want for particular event type. 
Also the title for Event Calendar. 

Below is the Screenshot of Setting Page of Event Calendar 

Below is the Screenshot of Event Calendar