Google Apps sync

This extension syncs all CiviCRM contacts to the Contacts Directory in Google Apps.

The Contacts Directory is shared between all users of your Google Apps domain, and hence all CiviCRM contacts are available to them in the Google Mail autocomplete, or for search on their mobile devices.

Campaign Monitor

Existing Campaign Monitor Lists will not be touched or synced. Everytime the Campgain Monitor Settings are saved the lists are saved, lists are created for the selected groups (if they do not already exist).

UK HMRC Online Gift Aid Submission

From 22 April 2013, UK based charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs can sign up to make repayment claims electronically.

The new service, Charities Online, is being introduced in response to customer feedback. It will make repayment claims faster and easier by filing online. The current R68(i) print and post repayment form will be replaced by three options for making claims.

Thanks to funding from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, an extension that allows you to submit your claim directly from CiviCRM is now available.

Populate Employer for Anonymous Users

When an anonymous visitor fills profiles and other forms having email address and employer fields, this extension searches for an individual with a matching email address and populates the form with his or her employer.  This requires granting the "access AJAX API" permission to anonymous users.

This is meant to address problems in CRM-10128 (leaving the employer blank on a profile will unset your current employer if you have one) and problems of people typing organization names different ways.

Multisite Permissioning

Multisite (url) based permissioning.


This is a port of the drupal multisite module to an extension. It allows the CiviCRM multisite concept to be extended such that the site a contact logs onto will affect which contacts they can see and edit.