Export to excel

This is a civicrm extension to export directly into an excel format instead of the default csv. If you never had any problem with opening a csv into excel, this extension won't help you (and you are likely to be a US user dealing with english names)

The goal is to free you from the csv->excel hell. The later has been proven guilty of the following charges:


This module makes it easier to configure settings in CiviCRM by


  • Showing all settings on one page
  • Showing multiple domain's settings on one page
  • Offering a button to revert to the default on a setting by setting basis
  • Allowing various setting profiles to be loaded (so you can load a Canadian profile and revert to appropriate defaults, for example),

This module relies on the settings API in 4.3. If you wish to use it against 4.2 you should use the Fuzion github civicrm deployment.


Optimized Autocomplete

Optimized Autocomplete is a CiviCRM extension. If you have a large database (over 500,000 contacts), you may have noticed that the autocomplete contact search box in top left of CiviCRM will never finish. This is because by default the MySQL queries that are being called to do the search are inefficient on large databases.