Check REST API Maintenance Mode

This extension extension uses an APIWrapper hook to:

  • check for all API requests if the request comes from REST (if request holds key and api_key)

    • if so, checks if the hosting website is in maintenance mode (implemented for Drupal, but can be generic. Based on CRM_Core_Config::singleton->userFramework)

    • if maintenance mode is on, it throws an API_Exception with error code maintenance_mode

View My Event Participants


CiviCRM extension granting access for event creators to view or edit their events' participants.

Why would you need this extension?

This extension is only needed if you have users who create events but who do not have permission to view or edit all the participant contacts of those events. I.e. the event creators do not have "view all contacts" or "edit all contacts" permission and do not have permission via ACLs (access control lists) to view or edit all the relevant contacts.

SQL Tasks Extension - Configurable recurring tasks

Disclaimer: The scope of this extension is implementers and skilled administrators only.

Creating a custom scheduled job is a bit of work, you had to create (i.e. code) a custom API and then call it via a scheduled job. If you have a lot of those, it's also quite easy to lose track of them.

The "SQL Tasks" extension allows you simply configure any number of scheduled jobs via the UI. It is essentially a SQL driven, configurable execution of any of the following generic CiviCRM actions:

Campaign Manager

The module CiviCampaign provides basic functions to link e.g. contributions with campaigns. Thus, it enables users to determine the success of a campaign e.g. in regard to „return on investment“. Such data is most important to fundraisers in order to evaluate and adapt their fundraising strategy.


Subscription support for CiviCRM. Subscription is an arrangement by your members/donors to pay their membership fee(s) or donations in monthly/quaterly/yearly frequency.


Make sure you have installed Offline Membership Wizard extension along with this extension, as offline membership wizard is the only way to create subscriptions.

Membership communication

This extension makes membership communications easier by creating activities for sending welcome email, renewal letters/email.


Please note that this extension does not handle the membership renewals, but helps you to make the membership renewal communication easy.


This extension aims to enable charities to manage their supporters in a GDPR compliant manner. GDPR in itself does not introduce many new guidelines however it does make organisation appointed officlals directly responsible for any breach in guidelines and therefore has a degree of responsibility which had been missing from previous guidelines.