NameName spam contact custom search

A simple custom CiviCRM search to find contacts that have the same first and last name (often these contacts are spam and can be purged.)

How to Use

Install by cloning to your CiviCRM extensions directory and then enabling as usual for CiviCRM extensions. This will create a new search under "Custom Searches" (civicrm/contact/search/custom/list?reset=1) called "NameName (Spam search for first name = last name)".

Dummy SMS Provider

This extension provides a dummy SMS provider for CiviCRM.  It implements an API function for receiving "SMS" messages and a log file for sending "SMS" messages to.  This allows you to test SMS integration in CiviCRM without going through an external provider.


REST Log is a small extension for CiviCRM which maintains a log of API calls made through the REST interface. This is useful if you have a external service which interfaces with CiviCRM through REST, and you would like an audit trail for the actions which the service performs.

GoCardless Direct Debit Payment Processor for CiviCRM

This extension is working well for collecting regular donations from UK supporters.

Using it you can enable supporters to set up direct debits and every month when GoCardless takes payment this extension adds to and updates your CiviCRM contributions automatically. If someone cancels their Direct Debit this also updates your CiviCRM records. This extension uses the latest GoCardless API.

CiviCase Status Update Extension


Are you worrying with the existing CiviCase component? because it does't allow you to update case status. No need to worry any more. Top-notch Extension is here.

The aim of this extension is to extend the CiviCase component functionality to update the case status any time.

Membership Churn Reports

Many organizations using CiviCRM wish to measure the CHURN rate of their members.

CHURN is closely related to the concept of average customer life time. For example, an annual churn rate of 25 percent implies an average customer life of four years. An annual churn rate of 33 percent implies an average customer life of three years.