Find Payments

This extension allows to find and export payment(s) for contribution(s). 

Find payment searches all the payments associated with contribution. It also allows to Edit payment for contribution if the payment is not through payment processor. Find payment search  build as a component search that is also available to advanced search. 

This extension allows to export selected payments in csv format. 

CiviCRM Email Viewer

Normally, when you are working on a test/staging/development site, you don't want to have the mail option activated, so that you can avoid potential faulty email sending and/or spamming. For such cases, you usually disable the email sending functionality, by navigating to: Administer CiviCRM -> System Settings -> Outbound Email (SMTP/Sendmail) and switch to 'Disabled Outbound Email'.

Job Log Management

This extension provides an API that handles purging old scheduled job log records.
It accepts two parameters:
  1. days_retained (required) = The number of days to retain records for. Any job logs older than that day range are purged.
  2. api_call (optional) = Only purges logs of a specific type(e.g. job.versionCheck) if explicitly mentioned else deletes all based on the above param. A value of "all" will also purge logs for any API call types.

SMS Inbox

This extension allows you to view and respond to inbound SMS messages. To view, click on Mailings then SMS Inbox.

Upon installation, this creates some extra data, that allows you to record if a message has been read or not.

In addition, a message is displayed to the user if the message has been read or not.


The CiviCalendar extension (com.agiliway.civicalendar) is an CiviCRM component which allows visualizing the planned cases, events and activities. The extension provides a rich intuitive user interface and many complementary features.

The Calendar allows:

  • Viewing info on different types of plans (Cases, Events, Activities).

Provides functions to look up UK address meta-data from

Currently this looks up: the 'admin district' of an address, the geolocation, and the county.

To use, go to a search results page, and look for