Protect from address

This extension protects the use of a personal from address in the Send E-mail takas (after search). It does not protect the use of personal from address in CiviMail (Mass mailings).

Its developed for use within CVVE where volunteers log into CiviCRM and have their own personal e-mail adress, such as hotmail etc., and they want to send an e-mail from the system using the orgisational e-mail address.

Scheduled Communication

This CiviCRM extension provides a daily scheduled job named "Call Email2Each.Sendemails API (Daily)"  This job expects 2 parameters: a group name and a message template name.  When this job runs,  it will send an email to each contact in the group/smart group. The contents of the email will be the message template. 

Relationship Overview Report

Relationship Overview Report

This extension creates the CiviCRM report template "Relationship Overview". It allows a condensed, aggregated overview of your contacts' relationships. You can define which relationships are listed; tags can be selected as well. The field then simply lists all the values, separated by a comma.

Household Tools

CiviCRM Extension to support you with creating and maintaining households. It is currently under development, so feel free to contact us for the bits that are still missing - or simply contribute the implementations.

The extension allows you to choose on of three household modes: