Membership communication

This extension makes membership communications easier by creating activities for sending welcome email, renewal letters/email.


Please note that this extension does not handle the membership renewals, but helps you to make the membership renewal communication easy.


This extension aims to enable charities to manage their supporters in a GDPR compliant manner. GDPR in itself does not introduce many new guidelines however it does make organisation appointed officlals directly responsible for any breach in guidelines and therefore has a degree of responsibility which had been missing from previous guidelines.

SMS conversation

SMS conversation allows you to automate SMS conversations with contacts in CiviCRM. It builds on work originally done in the Chained SMS extension.

Development of SMS conversation was funded by the National Democratic Institute. Development of the original Chained SMS extension was funded by Future First. SMS converstation was Developed by Michael McAndrew, Third Sector Design and Matthew Wire, MJW Consulting who can be contacted for support and further development.

CiviCRM Log Viewer

This is a naive, simple log viewer for the CiviCRM debug log that normally goes in


It shows a summary of the entries in the current log file, in reverse chronological order, with links to a detailed view of each log entry. It makes no attempt to read or find older log files (the log files get rotated from time to time).

NameName spam contact custom search

A simple custom CiviCRM search to find contacts that have the same first and last name (often these contacts are spam and can be purged.)

How to Use

Install by cloning to your CiviCRM extensions directory and then enabling as usual for CiviCRM extensions. This will create a new search under "Custom Searches" (civicrm/contact/search/custom/list?reset=1) called "NameName (Spam search for first name = last name)".