Cividesk Normalize

This CiviCRM extension normalizes your data before it is saved to the database. It therefore works from the back-end, with public form submissions such as profiles, contribution, event registration and membership creation/renewal pages as well as with data imports.

It can normalize first, middle, last and company names, phone numbers, and addresses including zip codes.

Geodata Filler

When CiviCRM geocodes an address, the geocoding service generally returns much more information than CiviCRM uses. This extension allows site administrators to set a policy for what to do with that information on a field-by-field basis: discard it, fill in missing data, or overwrite existing data.

CSV Import Helper

This tool helps you prepare CSV spreadsheets for importing data into various types of record in CiviCRM. Full documentation, including a worked example is available in the Documentation.

What problems does this help with?

  • You have a load of data to import as contributions or activities (etc.) to import but because this came from an external source it doesn't have CiviCRM Contact IDs in it.


FlexMailer is an email delivery system for CiviCRM v4.7+. It does not define any user interface; rather, it replaces some internal parts of CiviMail and provides new APIs. Other extensions can use these APIs to provide more fine-grained control over email delivery.

A few example scenarios supported by FlexMailer:

  • Composition: Change how email messages are composed. CiviMail has built-in support for simple tokens. With FlexMailer, an extension can change this in deep ways, e.g.