Extension with Belgian magic.

With this extension enabled, if you create or update a Belgian address, the province is determined based on the postal code. If the address belongs to a contact that doesn't have a preferred language, a preferred language is set based on the province. (This mainly applies when a contact was created using the API, otherwise CiviCRM will use the default language from the settings, I presume.)

This determination is not 100% correct, but I accept pull requests, as always.

Cividesk Normalize

This CiviCRM extension normalizes your data before it is saved to the database. It therefore works from the back-end, with public form submissions such as profiles, contribution, event registration and membership creation/renewal pages as well as with data imports.

It can normalize first, middle, last and company names, phone numbers, and addresses including zip codes.

Geodata Filler

When CiviCRM geocodes an address, the geocoding service generally returns much more information than CiviCRM uses. This extension allows site administrators to set a policy for what to do with that information on a field-by-field basis: discard it, fill in missing data, or overwrite existing data.