Upcoming Birthday Report

This is a simple CiviCRM report giving you a list of the upcoming birthdays of your contacts. Simply install the extension, create a new report, and use "Available for Dashboard" to give you the list upon login.

The extension is currently localised for English and German, but it since the infrastructure is there, adding another language should be pretty easy. We're also planning add more features (see here), but currently lack the funding.

Early Bird Premiums

This extension adds the ability to display a premium on a contribution page only when a certain set of membership type and status criteria are met. This enables an organization to offer "member only" premiums for early renewal or other promotions. The membership status field can also be set to "Expired" to create rejoin incentives, visible only to expired members. The extension only has parameters for membership status and type, and they can be used independently from each other.


This CiviCRM extension provides dashlets for atom feeds, because the native CiviCRM blog dashlet only supports rss. (I think.)

For the moment it supports only one feed. But I want (at some point) to be able to support multiple feeds.

More info on the github project page.


This CiviCRM extension works around the translation issues of CiviCRM 4.7, in particular for Dutch CiviCRM instances.

We had several translation issues after upgrading our localized Dutch CiviCRM 4.6-instance to CiviCRM 4.7. One of them was that CiviCRM 4.7 was not completely translated, and there is no easy way to fix this. Another issue seems to be that the option values for 'relative_date_filters' seem to be untranslated.

Custom Contribution Statuses

Custom Contribution Statuses allows users to switch back and forth between core defined Contribution Statuses and custom Contribution Statuses. Without this extension, CiviCRM by default prevents switching from custom contribution statuses in an attempt to avoid accounting data corruption, since it doesn't know what entries should be posted. This extension helps organization with specialized support for non-core accounting processes.