Scheduled Communication

This CiviCRM extension provides a daily scheduled job named "Call Email2Each.Sendemails API (Daily)"  This job expects 2 parameters: a group name and a message template name.  When this job runs,  it will send an email to each contact in the group/smart group. The contents of the email will be the message template. 

Relationship Overview Report

Relationship Overview Report

This extension creates the CiviCRM report template "Relationship Overview". It allows a condensed, aggregated overview of your contacts' relationships. You can define which relationships are listed; tags can be selected as well. The field then simply lists all the values, separated by a comma.

Household Tools

CiviCRM Extension to support you with creating and maintaining households. It is currently under development, so feel free to contact us for the bits that are still missing - or simply contribute the implementations.

The extension allows you to choose on of three household modes:

Financial Summaries

Includes a number of custom searches that help give an overview of financial information. 
Useful for financial and bookkeeping staff of an organization.
Custom searches include:
  • Engagement Summary
  • Contact Financial Summary
  • Contact Financial Exclusion Summary
  • Contribtions with Pricesets
  • Financial Aging

Event Helper

Provides several custom searches:

'Fancy Participant Search'  - This search can easily list just the participants who choose "session AAA"  from your priceset options and send them all an email or SMS/Text message.  


Provides extra tools to assist organizations with a lot of families, households, and couples in their CiviCRM database.   Current features include family/spouse information at a glance when viewing a contact record.  

For example:


It includes  4 custom searches:  

Percentage Price Field


This extension allows you to add an "Additional Percentage" field to any price set, which will automatically calculate and add an additional amount to a transaction, as a configurable percentage of other selected price set options.  

  • Want to ask donors to give an extra 3% to cover credit card processing fees?
  • Or to give an additional 10% of their membership fee to support a special project?  

Then you're in the right place.

CiviREBUX : Native Report Building Extension

CiviREBUX is a native CiviCRM extension for drafting custom Contribution and Membership reports via a drag-n-drop interface. CiviREBUX combines powerful visualization and transformation techniques which gives users full capabilities of modern browsers and freedom to design the right elements for their reports. CiviREBUX also supports saving and loading of report templates f