The CiviCalendar extension (com.agiliway.civicalendar) is an CiviCRM component which allows visualizing different types of events and activities. The extension provides a rich intuitive user interface and simple navigation.

The Calendar allows:

  • Viewing info on different types of activities (Cases, Events, Activities). Each type uses its own color



Are you looking for an extension which helps to create Alerts/Reminders/Messages/Notifications etc.,? Then you are in the right place. Top-notch Extension is here.

The aim of this extension is to create pop-up windows with the given content on given page. You can choose that who can see the created pop-up windows.


Participant Smart Group Creation

This CiviCRM extension automatically creates a Smart Group of Registered Participants to an Event when a New Event is created.

Example Use Case

An event is created in CiviCRM for an upcoming conference occurring 6 months from now. A CiviCRM Mailing is defined to be sent on a monthly basis to promote the conference. Previous to this extension, the promotional email would be sent to ALL contacts in each monthly mailing, which usually result in multiple registrations for the same contact (who registered each month).

Group Protect

This extension adds a custom data set to groups and adds a permission (CiviCRM Group Protect) to the CMS (At least it does for Drupal, not sure what it does for other CMS's).

The custom group adds a field for the Group: protected Yes or No. This settings can only be edited by users with the permission CiviCRM Group Protect. Only users with the permission CiviCRM Group Protect can add or remove contacts from a protected group.


CiviCRM and Drupal both place a copy of jQuery on the page, which is inefficient. This module removes Drupal's (older) copy and uses the single copy from CiviCRM for both applications. This results in faster page loads and a more responsive web browser.

CiviMenu in Drupal

Allows you to display the CiviCRM menubar on non-civicrm pages of your website.

This module creates an invisible Drupal Block that loads the CiviCRM menubar. By default the block will display the menubar on every non-civicrm page of your website. Simply edit the block to refine exactly which pages the menubar appears on and which users have permission to see it.

Note that nothing displays inside the block (the menubar will always be at the top of the screen), so it doesn't matter which region of the page you add it to.

Domain Access CiviCRM

This is an integration module for sites running CiviCRM and the Domain Access module.  By default, when creating a user in Drupal, Domain Access will automatically assign the user to the domain on which they registered.  However, if they create their user via a CiviCRM profile, they will not be added to the appropriate domain.  This module fixes that.

NOTE: Compatible with CiviCRM 4.6 or later only.  To use with older versions of CiviCRM, you must backport CRM-15774.