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2017-06-28 - 04:10
Looks like  a great sprint and location. Wish I could have been there. The UK sprint this year is in October and the location is Bampton in Devon
2014-07-21 - 01:01
I can help on the 28th July Olly
2013-11-11 - 12:54
A big cheer to all of those involved in the CiviHR project. The software looks fantastic and I know it will help a lot of organisations over the coming years. Oliver  
2012-12-04 - 02:13
Here in England GMCVO & Circle Interactive are talking to YouthNet who run the national volunteering website and supply volunteer brokerage software to all the local volunteer centres.
2012-11-01 - 10:00
Thanks Jamie We are looking to push this forward with both possible dev and testing time. I'll also be talking to other possible contributors who would have need for the software.