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2018-10-30 - 07:46
 I discussed briefly with Tim at the governance summit because we thought about holding off on Remoteform until Form builder was complete. Tim encouraged us to continue because this functionality has not yet been figured out for Form Builder (and might not even be included).
2015-03-11 - 08:02
I just added instructions for rebuilding the triggers. I also wonder if deleting the triggers is over kill and not actually necessary.
2015-03-11 - 07:52
That's a mistake in the script. It should re-create the triggers. I'll work on a fix. Thanks for the feedback.
2015-03-10 - 12:12
Yes - definitely. What I've created is a start - but there are a lot of corner cases to sort out. I would welcome any patches you have to contribute.
2015-03-10 - 09:14
Thanks for the tip! I'll follow up and make some additions to that page. Also - I've updated the git repo so now, if you are using drush, you can automatically updated the foreign keys only (without having to dump and re-create your database).