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2020-07-30 - 16:36
Massive effort by Nicol and Neil to organize this - big THANK you!
2019-01-07 - 15:29
Thank you Coleman - for everything you've taught me last year!
2018-08-11 - 10:16
That looks great! Thank you for sharing.
2018-06-04 - 09:36
All you need to do with IP Geolocation module is -> add the CiviCRM Address: Latitude and CiviCRM Address: Longitude as fields in your View; and then hit settings Format: Map (Leaflet) to say that you want IP Geolocate to use the CiviCRM Latitude for Latitude and CiviCRM Longitude for Longitud
2018-06-02 - 07:34
Cool but what are the advantages over using https://www.drupal.org/project/ip_geoloc ? I use that to e.g.