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2020-07-01 - 22:20
would be awesome if i could spell awesome and not assume i had typed it correctly.
2020-07-01 - 22:20
would be assume if the images on skvare site could show here
2020-06-10 - 12:54
Since you have tied this in more closely with webforms I have high hopes that none of this will break existing civicase + webform features, or perhaps improves and replaces features we currently use.
2020-06-10 - 12:51
Is the 'save draft' feature only going to work in the civicase context or will it work for all 'send an email' situations
2020-06-10 - 12:51
Thank you for adding this impressive package. I look forward to having our team think through how this may impact (+/-) on some of our deeper case integration projects.