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2019-09-05 - 00:59
Thanks for the write up! Another related issue, aimed more improving the journey for this type of problem:
2019-08-15 - 18:17
Ye trouble maker! ;) Let me try to say this better: Civi-D8 should meet/exceed the standards/expectations of its forebear, Civi-D7. I think your questions are digging for more substance under the phrase "reference platform" than is really there. It's not a formal construct.
2019-01-04 - 13:53
It's pretty exciting to see you moving forward with this!
2018-07-18 - 12:57
Good question. Within a couple hours - I'd guess ~3:00 PM PDT (US/Pacific).
2017-10-30 - 16:48
That sounds like a lot of work, coordination, and caffeine! Glad you pulled it off.