Job Descriptions

The core team is split into two teams - the developer team and the community team.  This page lists responsibilities for each team and short bulleted job descriptions for each team member.  The bullets indicate responsibility, howeverm we often work together to share actual work of specific tasks under these responsibilities.

Developer team

Our senior developers are all responsible for the following:

  • Improvements to CiviCRM’s code architecture
  • Development of new features
  • Release management
  • Review of community contributed code
  • Mentoring new developers
  • Triage of new issues
  • Issue queue management

They have specific responsibilities as follows:


  • Paid issue queue
  • Managing consulting requests (including specifications and estimates)
  • QA of new features and improvements


  • Extensions directory and extensions review
  • Co-ordinating large code contributions
  • PR queue management
  • Merges


  • Developer tools and documentation
  • Security
  • Automated bots


  • Managing and mentoring junior developers
  • Publishing releases
  • Test suite

Community team

Our community team consists of Josh and Michael.


  • Fundraising
  • Development of the partner, member and sponsor programs
  • Financial management
  • Core team organisational structure


  • Supporting community initiatives
  • Managing the active contributor programme
  • website and CRM development
  • Conferences and events
  • User documentation

Shared responsibilities

The community team is also responsible for

  • Community newsletter
  • Marketing, including social media presence