2020-03-07 14:48
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Help fund the integration of ACH payments for the Stripe payment processor in CiviCRM.

Stripe supports accepting ACH payments—direct from bank accounts—alongside credit cards. ACH is currently supported only for Stripe businesses based in the U.S.
With Stripe, you can accept ACH payments in nearly the same way as you accept credit card payments.
Bank accounts must first be verified and authorized for your use by the customer. After taking both steps for a bank account, your customer can use it like other payment methods, including for recurring charges. The two key differences between using bank accounts and credit cards are:
  • ACH payments take up to 5 business days to receive acknowledgment of their success or failure. Because of this, ACH payments take up to 7 business days to be reflected in your available Stripe balance.
  • You can only accept funds in USD and only from U.S. bank accounts. In addition, your account must have a U.S./USD bank account to accept ACH payments.
Before you can create an ACH charge, you must first collect and verify your customer’s bank account and routing number. In order to properly identify the bank account, you also need to collect the name of the person or business who owns the account, and if the account is owned by an individual or a company. We will be integrating the Plaid service to verify accounts as recommended by Stripe.
For more information about what Stripe and ACH can do see the Stripe documentation at


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