CiviCRM is built from the contributions of numerous people and organizations around the world. Our community is extremely diverse, with people from many different backgrounds, with many different motivations. These short and friendly guidelines aim to help people to get involved with our community, understand how we work together, and what we expect of each other.


CiviCRM will always be freely available under an open source license with no associated license costs or ongoing fees. There are no restrictions on the types of organizations that can use our software.


We value courteous lively discussion both online (in forums, chat rooms and so on) and offline (at conferences, meet-ups, sprints etc.). We appreciate honest feedback and constructive criticism.


We value those that contribute to the project and get things done. Everyone is free to move the project forward in ways that make sense to them without asking for permission first. Any responsibility in our project can be carried by a contributor who demonstrates the required capacity and competence, and we encourage everyone to be a part of this culture. Sharing your knowledge and experience will help others, and also accelerate your own CiviCRM journey.

Our roadmap

Our roadmap is generated from the ground up by our community, and our priorities are set by doers and funders that are able to commit resources to moving things forward. While we listen to all opinions on the direction we should be heading, our developments are necessarily aligned with those that can make things happen.

The Core Team

The Core Team are focused on ensuring stability and momentum in our community. They manage our releases and our infrastructure, facilitate the community, and carry out other administrative tasks. Help is always welcome in carrying out this work (see do-ocracy above).


We collaborate whenever possible since this reduces redundancy and improves the quality of our work. Rather than ‘trying to do everything ourselves’, we align ourselves with complementary projects and organizations for mutual benefit, both inside and outside our community.

CiviCRM businesses

We promote businesses that provide CiviCRM services and that contribute back to CiviCRM. We encourage all CiviCRM providers to structure their work in ways that benefit both their own businesses and the wider CiviCRM community.