Service providers all over the world use CiviCRM, but partners are the standouts.

Partnership with CiviCRM does more than fund the Core Team. It supports a vibrant ecosystem in which members and users of CiviCRM benefit from its growth and stability, and it sustains a platform that service providers can offer to clients around the world. Partnership with CiviCRM is a financial investment in the long term potential of both your organization and your clients.

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"Partner contributions of time, guidance and financial resources directly shape CiviCRM and help make it the incredible open source project that it is."

CiviCRM is supported by 57 partners of unmatched expertise. We hope you'll join them.

The following partner levels are intended to reflect the value of CiviCRM to your organization as well as your commitment to sustaining the project.


Intended for independent consultants, freelancers with expertise in implementation, and smaller not for profit companies (2-5 staff) that provide CiviCRM services.


Make a one time payment of $1,080 per year.


Designed for smaller for profit organisations working with CiviCRM (2-5 staff). Larger not-for-profit organisations providing CiviCRM services may also wish to join at this level.


Make a one-time payment of $2,700 per year.


Designed for larger organisations and developers shops, and for those that want to go the extra mile to help CiviCRM thrive. Ideal for organisations with six or more staff.


Make a one-time payment of $5,400 per year.

We're happy to invoice you for your partnership with CiviCRM for one-time payments. All invoices are net 30 days. In order to keep our administrative costs as low as possible, we cannot offer flexible payment options outside of the monthly or one-time payments (i.e. no bi-annual, quarterly, etc.).

Enjoy exclusive Partner benefits

Partner support and participation is vital to the success of CiviCRM. Because of this, CiviCRM maintains standards on minimum partner requirements and offers generous benefits to those that make the commitment. CiviCRM and its partners work closely together to ensure the overall project's success.


Enjoy special access to partner-only benefits, to the Core Team of CiviCRM and to services intended to maximize your implementation of the system.

  • Access to partner-only group
    Get to know the other partners and help provide project guidance.
  • Access to the Core Team
    Communicate directly with the Core Team. You've got our number.
  • Core Team rate discount
    Core Team rates are 30% lower for CiviCRM partners. Put us to work.
  • Core Team webinar series*
    Enjoy Core Team run webinars about the latest developments in CiviCRM.
  • Core Team support on RFP's
    Leverage the Core Team and its brand for large scale proposals.
  • Code review*
    Writing extensions and need some input? We're here for feedback.


Promote your business and expertise with CiviCRM across our website, via events and more. Demonstrate your expertise and standout as a premier CiviCRM provider.

  • Rotating logo on homepage
    Put your company's logo in front of thousands of site visitors each month.
  • Periodic social promotion
    Benefit from CiviCRM's own marketing and promotion and raise awareness of your business.
  • Directory listing & profile page
    Expanded information about your business and its support for CiviCRM to site visitors.
  • Cool partner-only badge
    Display the badge with pride and show the world that both open source and CiviCRM rock!.
  • Annual newsletter mention
    Annual plug to thousands of recipients that thanks and recognizes your support.
  • Homepage Case Studies *
    Take over the homepage of CiviCRM's new site and demonstrate your success with the software.
  • Logo & link in extension listings*
    Connect your extensions to your profile page for quick reference of your expertise.


Take advantage of extra benefits not specific to your implementations of CiviCRM but that will help develop your skills as well as the future of the project.

  • A lot of good karma
    It feels good to do the right thing, we know. Supporting CiviCRM ranks up there as one of the best things you can do!
  • Offer member-only benefits
    Get directly in front of member organizations by offering unique benefits.
  • Offer CiviConnect services*
    Develop services that are accessible in the CiviCRM interface via CiviConnect.
  • Future partner benefits
    Access to any and all new partner benefits at they arise during your partnership period.

* Represents benefits that are in conceptual development, but not yet fully refined. Have an idea that would make a nice perk? Contact us

Partner Requirements

Please ensure that you have read, and comply with the following requirements before applying to become a partner.

  1. you are in good standing with the CiviCRM community
  2. you mention CiviCRM and include the CiviCRM logo or your CiviCRM partner badge on your company website.
  3. you have at least two case studies on when you join, and then an additional case study each time you renew - we need to show the world how CiviCRM is making life better for non profits and you need to show your world of potential clients that you have the right experience and expertise. Case studies can either use our case study format or be blog posts where the focus is on work that you have done on a particular client project. CiviCRM use these case studies as a part of our marketing efforts so why not incorporate a case study into your project management workflow and submit 2, 5 or 10 a year?
  4. you answer all enquires quickly and courteously - your a listing on means you are representing the CiviCRM 'brand'. If you are at capacity or not looking to take on new work, please reply with a note to say so, and consider recommending other suppliers.

Thank you for supporting CiviCRM

With over 0 organizations using CiviCRM, it's truly an open source CRM that does a world of good.

CiviCRM is California based Limited Liability Company. It is not a charity, though it operates as a not for profit organization and is investigating the transition to a benefit corporation or similar business structure. Learn more about the Core Team behind CiviCRM, how it operates and how the project is performing.