The Establishment Committee has confirmed the process for establishing a Community Council consisting of 11 seats elected from the community to terms of two years each. The Community Council will be working closely with the Core Team to guide the future of CiviCRM per

Elections for the Community Council will be held annually. Council seats will be filled by election to two rotating terms: 6 will be elected in odd-numbered years, and 5 in other years. This means that in this first election five positions will effectively be for only a one-year term.

Anyone eligible to vote can run. The candidate(s) coming first in a ranked-ballot system win election. Voter and candidate eligibility will be the same as for the Establishment Committee, with the cut-off being the date of the election announcement.

There will be no firm rules for geographic or other sectoral representation. However, for the first election at least, a nomination committee has been established to collect self-nominations and make additional nominations to ensure a diverse candidate pool representing a variety of geographic areas, skill sets, and more.

Nominations are made via this form: Nominations close on 7th Mar.

Register to Vote via this form: Voter registration closes on 8th Mar.