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About us

With over 15 years of experience, OneEach Technologies provides digital services and management to nonprofit organizations, including over 400 United Ways in 15 countries, over 100 Unity Ministries, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, Humane Societies, Meals on Wheels and many more. Our Drupal based websites includes CiviCRM as part of our overall digital solution with over 600 active CiviCRM installations. We provide unlimited training and support at no additional cost. As a part of our training schedule, we regularly host webinars specifically focusing on elements of CiviCRM and/or the sharing of best practices.
CiviCRM Services

Our CiviCRM services

OneEach Technologies includes CiviCRM as part of an overall solution for non-profit organizations throughout the world. We develop, host, support and manage all of our customers CiviCRM/Drupal installations. In many cases this is part of an overall Branding collaboration within the organization.

Case Studies

”Dancing with the Stars” themed events have become a popular fundraiser for nonprofits.  A Domestic Violence Shelter, was holding a similar event as an annual fundraiser.  While teams wanted to win the coveted Best Dancer award, they were also motivated to be the team that raised the most money for the shelter.  Once they began using personalized campaign pages in CIVICRM for their dancers to raise money, the amount raised more than doubled.


A Boys and Girls Club wanted to allow their parents to pay online for their after school program and summer camps.  The organization converted all of their payment processes from a paper process that required them to constantly take checks to the bank to an automated online payment process using CiviCRM. This process improvement allowed them to save staff time and automate the payment feature.

Every year a pharmaceutical company would lend their employee to the United Way for two months to help with campaign season.  When this woman tragically died they wanted to raise money in her memory.  The United Way (with our help) created a CiviCRM contribution widget – which was then placed on the Pharmaceuticals intranet page to provide donations in memory of the deceased.  Within a month over 200 employees donated over $10,000 online via the widget to this United Way.

Several of our United Way customers have converted their annual Workplace Campaigns from a challenging 'paper' process to a fully digital online process through CiviCRM. This has streamlined the process for company employees to donate easily and quickly to their local United Way and increased giving substantially while decreasing expenses to implement the program.