27 August, 2008
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My self-appointed job is to hangout around here and complain about how CiviCRM could be more like Drupal or better implemented with Drupal. Instead of banning me from the forums and IRC for being annoying, Lobo gave me blogging access. So I'm writing to share about my latest campaign to Druplify CiviCRM.

All the installations I build are done with Drupal, and I've written or improved a number of Drupal 5 modules that interface with CiviCRM. I also have a fairly wide base of clients who are on Drupal 5, might like CiviCRM 2.1+, but can't or won't upgrade to Drupal 6.

So I'm trying to get a sense of how many others there are like me, and perhaps formalize a "task force" to improve Drupal & CiviCRM integration. The very first task would be backporting CiviCRM 2.1 for Drupal 5, which remains supported by the Drupal Project.

Details are on the forum:


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14 August, 2008
By lobo
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Do you use Drupal/CiviCRM or Joomla/CiviCRM to manage your donors? Do you think CiviCRM is a good fit for your donor management software needs? Show your appreciation for CiviCRM/Drupal/Joomla and open source software by taking part in the NTEN Donor Management Survey. We got a pretty good grade in the NTEN CRM Survey (read more about it at: CiviCRM comes out on top in NTEN Survey). The current version, v2.0 and the upcoming version v2.1 are significantly better than the version when the previous survey was done (v1.7)

PLEASE NOTE: NTEN does not consider CiviCRM donor management software (?!) so you will need to "write in" CiviCRM. Will be cool to come out with...

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06 August, 2008
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We are excited to announce that the initial Alpha release of 2.1 is now available for download, AND to try out on our sandbox site. We're really excited about all the cool new features and improvements. Check out Dave's last blog for some highlights... or the 2.1 Roadmap for a more complete listing.

We strongly encourage folks to download and test the alpha release and help improve the final product. Upgrading to 2.1 requires a simultaneous upgrade of Drupal to 6.3, and we need test-drivers who can help us iron out any bleeps or burps that we haven't discovered in our own testing. You can contribute significantly to the project by testing the upgrade process against a copy...

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28 July, 2008
By lobo
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This camp is now confirmed. The dates are Oct 13th / 14th. Follow up blog post here Following the lead from our friends at Ubercart with Ubercamp, we figured having CiviCamp might not be a bad idea. We suspect that doing it around BADCamp will give folks the opportunity who are traveling to combine two unconferences in one visit.

Proposed Dates

BADCamp is schedule for Oct 11/12, CiviCamp will be held on Oct 13/14.


Depending on folks interest, we could hold CiviCamp either in San Francisco or Tahoe-Donner. We have a couple of places that the group can stay overnite at Tahoe Donner. Tahoe is also a great place in late summer / early fall

Agenda and Goals

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21 July, 2008
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The 2.1 release hits code freeze this week - and we're really excited about all the cool new features and improvements. For folks who haven't been following progress on the release with "baited breath" - some highlights:
  • Joomla 1.5 and Drupal 6 compatibility
  • Contribution Pledges (back-office and self-service)
  • Multi-language / single site support (with thanks to Google Summer of Code and the Joomla team)
  • Nesting (hierarchy) for groups (with thanks to USPIRG)
  • Contribution, participant and membership export improvements (with thanks to American Friends Service Committee)
  • CiviCRM Home / Dashboard customization (with thanks to Front Line)
  • Several usabiilty improvements including basic and quick search improvements (with thanks to CivicActions), and elimination of the annoying page reloads when entering...
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28 June, 2008
By lobo
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The Drupal Views module has some pretty cool functionality. Views 2 fixed the "everything is a node" concept from Views 1, this enables integration with CiviCRM (which does nothing with nodes). A concise description of Views from its project page: This tool is essentially a smart query builder that, given enough information, can build the proper query, execute it, and display the results. CiviCRM profiles (in view/search mode) behaves like views. However it is not a flexible or configurable as views is for the end user. Integrating with views also allows the potential of integrating CiviCRM information with other Drupal specific information. e.g. Contact information on folks who are most active on your blog / forum / comments I took user.views.inc as a model and started hacking away to create civicrm.views.inc. You can get a copy of that file from our svn... Read more
29 May, 2008
By shot
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Based on the success of the previous trainings/boot camps, we’d like to schedule our first training on the US East Coast: July 23rd-24th in Philadelphia. We’d like to host people from three / four different organizations (around twelve participants) and conduct the sessions as a mix of advanced user training, developer training, design and coding, based on the interests of the attendees. We've built quite a few features and improved integration with Drupal / Joomla in prior trainings.

The training would be held at the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia, 1906 South Rittenhouse Square (with lots of nice eating places nearby).

This would be a paid event – $1,000/person for the two days (none of us being from the East Coast, we need to cover our expenses). Please let us know (by mailing dave at civicrm dot org) if you are interested; we’d like to make the training definite in...

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18 April, 2008
By lobo
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Drupal 6 introduced a new menu system. CiviCRM had modeled its menu system after drupal 4.x which meant we needed to upgrade the menu code significantly to upgrade CiviCRM to Drupal 6. We took the opportunity to learn and understand more from drupal's new system and also simplify the interface between CiviCRM and Drupal with regard to the menu hook. The CiviCRM menu system has been based on the Drupal menu system, so all credit for the below goes to chx and the Drupal folks (all blame should be assigned to us). We have simplified and extended it a bit to meet our needs. Similar to Drupal menu system, the CiviCRM menu data now resides in the database. civicrm_menu stores all the information for a menu item.
CREATE TABLE civicrm_menu (
     id int unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT  ,
     domain_id int unsigned NOT NULL   ,
     path varchar(255)...
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02 April, 2008
By lobo
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It feels like 2008 is the year of CiviCRM training. Following in the heels of our Melbourne bootcamp is the CiviCRM webinar bought to you by Michelle Murrain and the good folks from NTEN. You can read more details about it on the NTEN website: Learn More About CiviCRM: Can This Be Your Organization's CRM?.

If you are new to CiviCRM or have just gotten started with CiviCRM, this webinar is for you. Goto the NTEN website and sign up now :). NTEN has graciously offered CiviCRM users the webinar at the NTEN member rate. All you need to do is select CiviCRM User in the Where Did You Hear Field and you will receive the $25 member fee.

Here's our first draft at an agenda for the webinar:...

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01 April, 2008
By lobo
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Earlier today we pushed out v2.0.2 of CiviCRM. You can download it here. We have fixed approx 67 issues between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 (this involved approx 170 commits). This brings us to a grand total of 504 issues resolved for the 2.0 series. We suspect (and hope) that the rate of bugs filed / issues fixed will slow down significantly for future 2.0.x releases. There have been some significant changes and improvements to the upgrade procedure, specifically with regard to activity history. More details on this can be found in this wiki page. We've also added code to give better messages in a few common error cases. More details on the blog post here.

You can follow these...

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