19 July, 2013
By jamie
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With the 4.3 upgrade, the Progressive Technology Project has made a number of important steps toward breaking out our work into pieces that others can use on their sites. This blog will begin a series of (hopefully) weekly blogs outlining new functionality that others can use.

Our first blog features the civicrm_petition_email Drupal module. Thanks to the hard work of agh1, a Drupal 6 version of the module is available (https://github.com/agh1/civicrm_petition_email). We just finished porting it to Drupal 7.

For the impatient:

 git clone git://git.progressivetech.org/powerbase/civicrm_petition_email

 git checkout 7.x-1.x

With this module enabled, there are a few new checkboxes on the petition form that allow you to specify the name and email address of a target that should get notified every time the petition is filled out. In addition, you can optionally specify a field in the petition...

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19 June, 2013
By aheath

Tonight found Giant Rabbit hosting the local CiviMeetup in Berkeley, CA, where we talked Drupal Webform Tips and Tricks (and if you want to support CiviCRM payment integration in Drupal webforms, you might consider giving a few dollars to our Make It Happen Campaign) and a few basic data how to's.

We had a good mix of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal users, and Civi users old a new - and a good mix of cocktails to ease us out of the workday.

Oh, and then there was the CiviCRM Trailer. That happened.

14 May, 2013

We have seen two recent breakthroughs for people who want to spend more time on implementing awesome websites and less time fiddling with hosting.

Pantheon has launched a hosting service for Drupal that’s even simpler than cPanel and has seriously good performance and scalability built-in. We don’t need to setup caching anymore or worry about a reverse-proxy server; all we need to do is enjoy designing and configuring our sites. Developers like it just as much as implementers because it clearly separates the dev, testing and live environments and plugs nicely into GitHub. It schedules backups and it’s easy to move your site elsewhere if you want to.

CiviCRM Starter Kit is a Drupal-and-CiviCRM-in-one bundle that I have been interested in. It includes a sensible choice of modules and extensions to get you...

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11 April, 2013
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The attached chart came out of a discussion between Kasia Wakarecy, Lola Slade and myself (Lynna Landstreet), at Freeform Solutions, about some issues we'd encountered when trying to to do major version upgrades of CiviCRM and Drupal on a client's site at the same time. Since we're likely to have a number of other combined upgrades like that to do in the future, we wanted to iron out the best process for doing them as smoothly as possible.

And we thought it might be useful to share what we’ve got thus far with others in the CiviCRM community, partly because it might help other people, and partly to find out others’ experiences: do you agree with what we’ve outlined here? Disagree? Have anything you’d want to add/change? We’re thinking of contributing this to the wiki documentation, but wanted to post it here for discussion first.

The pink boxes on the chart represent the actual steps involved, with the green ones being the state of the site(s) you’re working on...

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07 March, 2013
By petednz
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After several dead ends I think we have something that is useful to share - just add a Tag - not as useful as having it as an Action after Adv Search perhaps - but with other possibilities that I like.

We repeatedly hit the problem of needing to create Drupal Users for civicrm contacts. While we have used the User Import module in D6 and D7 it required a bunch of steps that we wanted to sidestep. And while the Action for an Individual Contact is useful, it does not do the whole Drupal thing of sending out the 'you have an account' email.

Using Rules in Drupal was the way we have been exploring. Originally I wanted to do it via Activity but we hit the issue that we weren't getting it to apply to the Target, rather than the Assignee - and now I see that even if we had, it would have cut off another option.

We tried via Groups - to much inconsistency says Eileen. We could...

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27 January, 2013
By Eileen
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I've recently been exploring creating CiviCRM entities as Drupal entities - using the drupal Entity API. I think so far I have only just touched the surface of the possibilities for this integration but I thought I'd post what I think some of them might be


  1. Rules integration
  2. Entity Reference fields
  3. Solr searching (not explored)
  4. Views bulk operations  (not explored)
  5. Attaching drupal fields to CiviCRM entities (within drupal) (not explored)

Rules integration

Given Pete's love of Organic Groups most of what I have done so far is worked with adding OG integrations for Events and adding roles to users when they get relationships. Some potentials Pete has spotted are

  1. The rules integration creates the potential to create users in various back-office situations such as manual event registrations, contact imports or potentially a batch profile update or a views bulk...
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15 January, 2013


The CiviCRM profiles features are a great easy way to quickly generate custom membership lists that can be viewed, sorted and displayed on your public website, but one of their biggest annoyances is they can only display organisational or individual memberships, not a mixture of the two.
I discovered a quick and easy way of getting around this through the wonder of Drupal views (Sorry Wordpress and Joomla! folks).
Set up your view as normal and required with whatever fields, arguments, relationships and filters you may need, then create a 'Global: Combine fields filter' field, expose it and choose the fields you would like to be able to search, probably First Name, Last Name and Organisation Name.
Save the view and voila! You have a membership list that can be searched across all membership types and names and as it's views you can continue customising it to your hearts content.
01 August, 2012
By jamie
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Progressive Technology Project has released a new Drupal module called CiviCRM Cicero that integrates with the Cicero service from Azavea. If you are using CiviCRM with Drupal, you can now add legislative district and more information to your database.


You have to start by getting an account with Azavea.  In order to use their service, you have to pay for it. However, they offer a 1,000 credit free trial and, if you are a nonprofit organization, you can get 5,000 credits for free via TechSoup.


Once you have an account, you'll need to add a few Contact custom data fields to your CiviCRM database.  Depending on your needs, you might create fields to hold a contact's city council district, national representative...

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01 July, 2012
By petednz


After more meanderings around the Universe of Webform_civicrm (Creator: Coleman) I started thinking that I should find a way to use it to collect more complex information about Organisations and Relationships which might be required as part of an event or membership registration.

The prompt for this particular meandering was that currently Event Registration does not provide any in-built options to collect information about an Organisation that the registrant might represent, beyond the Organisation Name (currently employer) and Job Title.

I was expecting to need to code this in to civi for an event that allowed for a multiple person registration and therefore anything we did to collect Organisation info for Person 1 would not be required for subsequent persons.

However, having seen Coleman referring to a 'hashed link', it finally dawned on me (oh alright with just a bit of help by big C) that since...

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04 June, 2012
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So maybe filling out forms isn't anybody's idea of a good time, but at least building them can be fun, thanks to the shiny new version 3 of Webform CiviCRM Integration!

Quick Recap:

If yours isn't among the 700+ sites using Webform Integration, this Drupal module is a smart form-builder and processor that answers the following question: "CiviCRM has built-in forms for stuff like event registration and contributions, but what about collecting CRM data on my ________ form?" Fill in the blank with just about anything - survey, petition, enrollment, application, support, opt-in, you name it. You can use it to collect and update information about contacts, relationships, cases, activities, event participants, group subscriptions, tags, and custom data.

So What's New?

Version 3 has major improvements for working with existing contacts and option lists, a new look, UI improvements, and other enhancements....

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