Create an enjoyable, rewarding environment for participation in the project.

CiviCRM Community Team badgeThe community team is tasked with internal communications and ecosystem cultivation. It is focused on organic growth within the community and is intended to deepen participation and fuel support for the overall project. Currently, funding for the community team may come from general operating funds.

The CiviCRM Community Team is responsible for cultivating the CiviCRM ecosystem and managing key aspects of the project such as documentation, Stack Exchange, newsletters, demo and training sites, ambassadors and user groups and meetups.

Community team working groups

  • Infrastructure - The infrastructure working group exists to ensure that CiviCRM's server infrastructure is always available and running smoothly. This includes: ensuring that the, demo and tests sites... read more
  • Documentation - The Documentation Working Group ensures that we have up to date documentation for users, administrators and developers of CiviCRM. How to get involved View upcoming meeting times Read past... read more
  • Developer Guide - The Developer Guide is a new documentation resource intended for all CiviCRM developers. Using this guide, new developers will learn the basics of creating extensions and leveraging the API --... read more
  • Community Engagement - The Community Engagement working group is focused on onboarding new contributors, be they developers, marketers, etc., and guiding them through a ladder of engagement such that they become ongoing... read more

Other teams

Present CiviCRM as the default CRM of choice for non-profits and to grow CiviCRM’s user base.

Create and maintain high-quality versions of CiviCRM for open and free use.

The CiviCRM Core Team is responsible for coordinating all project contributions, and for managing CiviCRM LLC, the company legally and financially responsible for CiviCRM.