The CiviCRM Core Team is responsible for coordinating all project contributions, and for managing CiviCRM LLC, the company legally and financially responsible for CiviCRM.

CiviCRM LLC operates as a not-for-profit organization and is incorporated in the United States. It is managed by the Core Team whose primary purpose is to coordinate (direct and manage) the entire CiviCRM project, including the production of the software, its promotion to its market, the stewardship of the community, and the management of the project’s financial and legal interests. The Core Team is funded through member programs, grants, major donors and earned income, with funds flowing out to project teams as needed (and where possible).

The CiviCRM Core Team coordinates contributions from our users and developers, ensure that people have access to the infrastructure they need to work and communicate effectively, and provide leadership for the project. In short, they enable the work of our community. The Core Team strives to be as open as possible about what we work on, and how we are organized.  Feel free to email us and let us know if you have any other questions you would like to see answered here.

Core Team Members

The Core Team are the managers of CiviCRM LLC and are employed on a contract basis, billing either hourly or as half, three-quarter or full-time equivalent. The Core Team also contracts with individuals and companies to manage specific projects, tasks or working groups within the overall project.

  • Coleman Watts, CiviCRM LLC - Product Manager, US
  • Joshua Gowans, CiviCRM LLC - Project Manager, US
  • Mathieu Lutfy, Coop Symbiotic - Infrastructure
  • Tim Otten, CiviCRM LLC - Software Architect, US

The core team is advised by Dave Greenberg and Donald Lobo, the original founders of CiviCRM.

The Core Team is funded by donations from partners, members, sponsor and individuals that want to support the project and ensure that it remains sustainable for the 10,552 organizations that rely on it. If you benefit from CiviCRM, we encourage you to get involved in the project.

Core Team working groups

  • Release Management - The CiviCRM Core Team is primarily tasked with coordinating all aspects of CiviCRM, including software development and community management.  The release management of the software is coordinated and... read more
  • Mosaico Integration - Mosaico is a rich open source email template builder that, combined with CiviMail, make for an incredibly functional and powerful mailing platform. Integration between Mosaico and CiviMail align with... read more
  • Integration with DonorSearch - The CiviCRM Core Team, along with Greenleaf Advancement, is undertaking a review and implementation of an integration with Donor Search, a leading provider of donor prospecting and research. The... read more
  • B-Corp Certification - CiviCRM formed in 2005 as a California-based Limited Liability Company and remains such today. The Core Team continuously evaluates the need, process and benefits of shifting the organizational... read more
  • APIv4 - The API working group provides oversight of new proposed APIs including APIv4. API version 4 represents an important leap forward for the CiviCRM platform, and will be increasingly used by extensions... read more

Other teams

Present CiviCRM as the default CRM of choice for non-profits and to grow CiviCRM’s user base.

Create and maintain high-quality versions of CiviCRM for open and free use.

Create an enjoyable, rewarding environment for participation in the project.