Create and maintain high-quality versions of CiviCRM for open and free use.

The development team is tasked with maintaining the current stable version(s) of CiviCRM, and coordinating improvements and fixes to future releases. Currently, funding for development may come from general operating funds and from specific Make It Happen campaigns.

The CiviCRM Development Team is responsible for all aspects of software development for CiviCRM the software, including security, API, UX / UI, Internationalization / Localization, Bugs, GSoC, CMS integration and Q&A. Funds for the Development Team are derived from general operations, including financial contributions, grants and earned income.

Development team working groups

  • Translation - The translation working group ensures that CiviCRM can be used in various languages and localities. This includes: internationalisation (i18n): ensuring that the CiviCRM code makes it possible to... read more
  • Security - CiviCRM's Security Working Group exists to address reported security issues regarding CiviCRM sites and data. The security working group: Resolves reported security issues in a security advisory... read more
  • Extension Ecosystem - The extensions working group works to ensure a healthy extension ecosystem for CiviCRM. We are currently undertaking a review to look for ways to improve how extensions are presented to our community... read more
  • D8 Integration - Just what the title says... CiviCRM integration with Drupal 8.
  • CiviCase UI - The core team and CompuCorp are joining forces to roll out a new boostrap-themed user interface for CiviCase. This will be released as an extension which replaces the current CiviCase dashboard and... read more
  • Bugs & Issue Triage - The CiviCRM Core Team plays a significant role in coordinating all documented issues in CiviCRM, it is primarily responsible for triaging and addressing critical bugs in the latest stable version of... read more
  • Backdrop Integration - CiviCRM + BackDrop integration.

Other teams

Present CiviCRM as the default CRM of choice for non-profits and to grow CiviCRM’s user base.

The CiviCRM Core Team is responsible for coordinating all project contributions, and for managing CiviCRM LLC, the company legally and financially responsible for CiviCRM.

Create an enjoyable, rewarding environment for participation in the project.