Present CiviCRM as the default CRM of choice for non-profits and to grow CiviCRM’s user base.

CiviCRM Marketing Team badgeThe marketing team is focused on the external promotion of CiviCRM and is tasked with implementing and managing public relations, major events, communications strategy, social media, CiviCRM sites, and more. The result of the marketing team’s efforts should be reflected in direct ecosystem growth and end user participation.

Responsibilities include CiviCRM website management, localized websites, social media, event management, market survey and research, competitor research and more. Funds for the Marketing Team are derived from official CiviCRM events in addition to general operating funds provided by the Core Team.

Marketing Team working groups

  • Website Overhaul - CiviCRM's main website is not only its most significant asset with respect to marketing, it's the central access point for community engagement, providing a hub for product information, upcoming... read more
  • Social Media - This ongoing working group is intended to grow recognition of and engagement with CiviCRM across popular social media platforms, and to reinforce its brand and messaging.
  • Localized Sites - This initiative is tasked with creating and maintaining local, country specific sites, translated where appropriate.
  • Collateral Design - This initiative is tasked with designing and distributing official CiviCRM hard collateral to the community, consistent with the project's branding and messaging. This effort works closely with the... read more
  • CiviCRM Events - The CiviCRM Events working group is currently a broad group focused on coordinating, promoting and managing official CiviCRM events. These focus primarily on CiviCons, sprints, and CiviCamps, however... read more

Other teams

Create and maintain high-quality versions of CiviCRM for open and free use.

The CiviCRM Core Team is responsible for coordinating all project contributions, and for managing CiviCRM LLC, the company legally and financially responsible for CiviCRM.

Create an enjoyable, rewarding environment for participation in the project.