The Community Engagement working group is focused on onboarding new contributors, be they developers, marketers, etc., and guiding them through a ladder of engagement such that they become ongoing contributors to the project. This is a hands on working group that actively identifies and cultivates contributors, and provides guidance on proper recognition of their efforts. This working group is also responsible for improving the current contributor framework, including how CiviCRM encourages and recognizes in-kind contributions to the project, be they code, marketing or support. While managing contributions and contributors is an ongoing effort of the community team, this initiative is tasked with improving and standardizing the process such that we effectively encourage and reward such support. This includes proper contributor identification, outreach and onboarding, as well as providing suitable recognition, rewards and opportunities for further engagement. Key results of this successful overhaul will be clarity in the contributor program and process, and an increasing number of contributors to the project.

Josh Gowans

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