The Developer Guide is a new documentation resource intended for all CiviCRM developers.

Status: In Progress   |   Target completion date: May 1 2017

This initiative is tasked with creating and maintaining local, country specific sites, translated where appropriate.

Status: In Progress   |   Target completion date: Jul 1 2017

The core team and CompuCorp are joining forces to roll out a new boostrap-themed user interface for CiviCase.

Status: In Progress   |   Target completion date: Mar 31 2017

The CiviCRM Core Team is primarily tasked with coordinating all aspects of CiviCRM, including software development and community management.

Status: Ongoing

This ongoing working group is intended to grow recognition of and engagement with CiviCRM across popular social media platforms, and to reinforce its brand and messaging.

Status: Open

This initiative is tasked with designing and distributing official CiviCRM hard collateral to the community, consistent with the project's branding and messaging.

Status: Open

The CiviCRM Core Team, along with Greenleaf Advancement, is undertaking a review and implementation of an...

Status: In Progress   |   Target completion date: Feb 15 2017

Just what the title says... CiviCRM integration with Drupal 8.

Status: Open   |   Target completion date: Feb 28 2017

Mosaico is a rich open source email template builder that, combined with CiviMail, make for an incredibly functional and powerful mailing platform.

Status: In Progress

The CiviCRM Core Team plays a significant role in coordinating all documented issues in CiviCRM, it is primarily responsible for triaging and addressing critical bugs in the...

Status: Ongoing

CiviCRM + BackDrop integration.

Target completion date: Mar 31 2017

CiviCRM formed in 2005 as a California-based Limited Liability Company and remains such today.

Status: Open   |   Target completion date: Mar 1 2017

The Community Engagement working group is focused on onboarding new contributors, be they developers, marketers, etc., and guiding them through a ladder of engagement such...

Status: Ongoing

The CiviCRM Events working group is currently a broad group focused on coordinating, promoting and managing official CiviCRM events.

Status: In Progress   |   Target completion date: Dec 31 2017

The translation working group ensures that CiviCRM can be used in various languages and localities. This includes:

Status: Ongoing

CiviCRM's Security Working Group exists to address reported security issues regarding CiviCRM sites and data. The security working group:

Status: Ongoing

CiviCRM's main website is not only its most significant asset with respect to marketing, it's the central access point for community engagement, providing a hub for product...

Status: In Progress   |   Target completion date: Apr 1 2017

The infrastructure working group exists to ensure that CiviCRM's server infrastructure is always available and running smoothly. This includes:

Status: Ongoing

The extensions working group works to ensure a healthy extension ecosystem for CiviCRM.

Status: In Progress

The documentation working group ensures that we have up to date documentation for users, administrators and developers of CiviCRM.

Status: Ongoing

The API working group provides oversight of new proposed APIs including APIv4. API version 4 represents an important leap forward for the CiviCRM platform, and will be...

Status: In Progress