The translation working group ensures that CiviCRM can be used in various languages and localities. This includes:

  • internationalisation (i18n): ensuring that the CiviCRM code makes it possible to handle various languages
  • localisation (l10n): the process of adapting CiviCRM to a specific language or locality, including the process of translating CiviCRM interfaces and documentation to a specific language.

CiviCRM is currently available in more than 35 languages. Since its foundation, more than 1015 people have contributed to CiviCRM translations.

The translation documentation can be found on the wiki under the Internationalisation section. Whether you have an issue with using CiviCRM in another language, or if you have developer questions to make sure that your code will be easy to translate, feel free to contact us using our mailing-list or Mattermost channel. You can also tag your Stack Exchange questions or JIRA issues with the "i18n" or "translation" tag.

Mathieu Lutfy

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