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CiviCRM is supported by [civistats:partner-count] partners of unmatched expertise. We hope you'll join them.

The following partner levels are intended to reflect the value of CiviCRM to your organization as well as your commitment to sustaining the project.

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With over [civistats:active-sites] organizations using CiviCRM, it's truly an open source CRM that does a world of good.

CiviCRM is California based Limited Liability Company. It is not a charity, though it operates as a not for profit organization and is investigating the transition to a benefit corporation or similar business structure. Learn more about the Core Team behind CiviCRM, how it operates and how the project is performing.

Service providers all over the world use CiviCRM, but partners are the standouts.

Partnership with CiviCRM does more than fund the Core Team. It supports a vibrant ecosystem in which members and users of CiviCRM benefit from its growth and stability, and it sustains a platform that service providers can offer to clients around the world. Partnership with CiviCRM is a financial investment in the long term potential of both your organization and your clients.

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"Partner contributions of time, guidance and financial resources directly shape CiviCRM and help make it the incredible open source project that it is."