Get involved

CiviCRM is created and supported by a passionate community of users and developers from around the world. You can join this community and help make CiviCRM an amazing and easy to use product that meets the needs of its users. First, lets dispel the common myth that only geeks can contribute to CiviCRM. That's just not true! Whatever your skill set, there are lots of ways that you can make yourself useful. And remember: contributing to CiviCRM opens doors. You'll get at least as much out of it as you put in, and the more you are involved, the more opportunities that come along. Karma rocks!

How to get started

The CiviCRM community is open and welcoming, and always looking for fresh ideas and new approaches. That said, we've tried to make it as easy as possible to get started by defining common opportunities for new contributors. We can broadly categorize all opportunities for engagement into the following six items, all of which can be neatly packaged under our team and working group structure:

  1. Write, maintain and share an extension
  2. Address bugs and code new features
  3. Provide support on Stack Exchange and Mattermost
  4. Coordinate or participate in an event as an organizer, trainer or volunteer
  5. Write case studies, blog posts and provide support for general promotion
  6. Participate in or coordinate a working group

You can dig into more details and learn more about opportunities to get involved in the development, marketing and support of CiviCRM. You can also review individual working groups to best match your interests with what initiatives are currently being or undertaken.