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CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM for nonprofits, associations and civic sector organisations world wide, and is built and supported by the community that uses it.

CiviCRM is free to download, use and share! If managing your own installation feels daunting, consider using a CiviCRM hosting provider or CiviCRM Spark.

Are you currently using Drupal 7 & CiviCRM? Please be aware that the Drupal project has officially stated that Drupal 7 will be end of life in January, 2025. We've curated this list of options to help you evaluate your best course of action.

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Other options

Extended Security Releases

Need security support for a previous version of CiviCRM? Read more about Extended Security Releases.

Release Candidates

If you want to help beta-test the upcoming Release Candidate (RC), it is available here.

Past Releases

To download a historical release, browse here.