CiviCRM Extended Security Release (ESR) provides a longer release of CiviCRM, allowing for fewer upgrades but fewer new features. ESR replaces the former community-led LTS and is being driven by the CiviCRM Core Team. ESR is available to sponsoring Partners and to end user organizations that subscribe to it. It is free for CiviCRM members.

The latest stable version of CiviCRM, which is released monthly, will continue as it currently does. It is free to download and use, same as it was yesterday. Same as it always will be.

So, why Extended Security Release at all?

There are several reasons to consider using CiviCRM ESR. Here are a few:

  1. For large organizations with heavy customizations, it may be advantegous to forego new features in exchange for consistency.
  2. For smaller organizations without a CiviCRM partner, you may find it onerous to upgrade monthly.
  3. Maybe you just want to help fund CiviCRM and, well, using ESR is as good as using the latest stable.

No matter the reason, CiviCRM ESR is not a newer, better, or otherwise premium version of CiviCRM. It is an older version that's supported longer, allowing organizations that prefer longevity over new features to have just that.

Some details

  1. CiviCRM ESR was released on November 7th and officiall began with CiviCRM version 5.7.
  2. It will receive 6 months of support (security and critical bug fixes) initially, guarateed. If we cannot manage it in sustainable manner, we will discontinue it.
  3. The CT will endeavor to extend the release to a full 12 months of support, depending on the financial viability of maintaining this version of CiviCRM.
  4. CiviCRM ESR is available to sponsoring partners and to members of CiviCRM.

Support CiviCRM Extended Security Release

For CiviCRM partners that want to use and support ESR, log into and click "Sponsor CiviCRM ESR"

  1. Need to become a partner? Sign up here first
  2. End user organization wanting to subscribe? Go here
  3. Want to become a CiviCRM member? Visit this page, and thank you!

Want to stay up to date on the latest ESR developments? Best to check out the ESR project on Gitlab.

Thanks to the following CiviCRM partners for supporting Extended Security Release

Need help upgrading to the latest version of ESR? ESR Sponsors are experts at deploying and maintaining CiviCRM.

Palante Tech Cooperative

Progressive Technology Project Backoffice Thinking Nubay Services Blackfly SolutionsSkvare

JMA ConsultingCompucorpGreenleaf