CiviCRM logoCiviCRM is an open source CRM built by a community of contributors and supporters, and coordinated by the Core Team. CiviCRM is web-based software used by a diverse range of organisations, particularly not-for-profit organizations (nonprofits and civic sector organizations). CiviCRM offers a complete feature set out of the box and can integrate with your website.

CiviCRM is created and used by a global community of tens of thousands of individuals and organisations. Our vision is that 'all organisations – regardless of their size, budget, or focus – have access to an amazing CRM to engage their contacts and achieve their missions'. Our roadmap outlines the shorter term goals we are implementing to acheive our vision.

At the center of our community is a Core Team of staff that are employed to co-ordinate and provide leadership for the project, and to serve our users and service providers. Many of the organisations involved with CiviCRM choose to become members and partners with us. By doing so they help to secure our financial stability and their investment in CiviCRM - you can join them.

There are many different ways to get involved with CiviCRM. Our community guidelines aim to help people to get involved with our community, understand how we work together, and what we expect of each other.

CiviCRM is released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (GNU AGPL v3).


CiviCRM formed in 2005 as a California-based limited liability company (LLC) with Donald Lobo (Lobo) and Dave Greenberg (Dave) as owners. The intent was not to create a for profit entity whose mission was, in fact, to seek profit, but rather to create a structure that enabled CiviCRM to function efficiently. In essence, CiviCRM operated under a for-profit structure, but did so as a not for profit entity. The LLC structure afforded protection for the owners and for the intellectual property, trademark, etc. for CiviCRM without assuming the costs of forming (or attempting to form) under a non-profit structure.

Today, CiviCRM remains a limited liability company under the ownership of Josh Gowans, Tim Otten and Coleman Watts and continues to operate as a not-for-profit company. The LLC structure has been maintained because of its ease of operation and because it sufficiently ensures the continuity of the project’s operation, protection of its trademark, codebase, etc. CiviCRM continues to research the ideal business structure and recognizes that it should and will evolve alongside the needs of the project.

As a company, CiviCRM is ‘manager-managed’, meaning that it is overseen and governed by designated managers known as the Core Team.