CiviCRM case studies provided real world examples of features and processes implemented by organizations of varying size, location and focus. Use the filters below to target CiviCRM case studies that most closely match your interests and needs.

Academy for Conflict Transformation

Managing by processes - fully supported by CiviCRM

Project led by

AFS - American Field Service - NZ

Growing the Alumni and cultivating the chapters

Project led by


Migrating and managing tens of thousands of donors and members

American Atheists

American Atheists Turns Raw Data Into Real Relationships Using CiviCRM

Project led by

American Friends Service Committee

Using CiviCRM to communicate the mission of the AFSC

American Medical Women's Association

Membership Association with Earmarked Donations

American Women's Club of Zurich

Complete revamp of the club's back office systems & processes

Project led by

Amnistía Internacional - Sección Española

Breaking our Database Silos

An Australian health professionals association

Increasing engagement with members who provide health services in remote areas of Australia

Project led by

An Indian Political Party

CiVICRM for Indian Political Party

Project led by

ARCH National Respite Program

Migration from a proprietary Searchable Contact database to CiviCRM

Project led by

Art for Impact

Art for Impact - Ticket Sales and Donations

Project led by

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

How CiviCRM/Drupal has impacted our organization

Project led by

Association of Contingency Planners

Complete redesign of website in Joomla 2.5 and database to accommodate a broad scope of functionality.

Australian Childcare Alliance NSW

A CiviCRM makeover

Project led by

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

improve and automate the work process to manage memberships and facilitate online communication with members

Avon Education Foundation

Improving and Streamlining Operations

Project led by

Boite World Music Cafe

Boite World Music Cafe

Project led by

Brescia University College

University Recruitment with CiviCRM

Project led by

British Humanist Association

Managing everything with Civi and WordPress