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More than 10,663 organisations around the world use CiviCRM every day to further their missions.

Created, supported and maintained by a global community of experts, CiviCRM is the only CRM designed from the ground up to meet your needs. And what's more it's free and open source.

So what are you waiting for? Create an impact with CiviCRM!


More that 10,663 organisations use CiviCRM every day

CiviCRM sites manage over 208,714,795 contacts around the world


Our users have processed more than 119,073,910 donations

Our users have registered more than 23,842,736 event participants

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We've made it easy to learn about CiviCRM.  Try a demo to see how easy it is to use. Talk to our ambassadors - real users that are happy to share their experiences with you. Attend an introductory webinar run by our partners. Or read our complete documentation to learn how to do anything with CiviCRM.

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CiviCRM gives you total freedom in your choice of host. You're not tied to a particular data centre or country.  Take the hassle out of hosting by choosing one of our expert partners for your CiviCRM instalation - you'll be up and running in no time. Or download install and host CiviCRM on your own hosting infrastructure (experts only!).

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We're proud of our large and diverse partner ecosystem - companies of all shapes and sizes that help an amazing range of organisations make the most out of CiviCRM.  Find the right provider for you in our experts directory. And check out our technology sponsors that provide complimentary services that integrate with CiviCRM.

Jaap Jansma, Community Highlight

Developer extraordinaire at Netherlands-based CiviCoop (CiviCRM founding partner), Jaap Jansma profiles his beginnings with CiviCRM, resulting in an unfoundering commitment to the project and to supporting the community that powers it.

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CiviCRM is created and supported by a passionate community of users implementers and developers from around the world. Join them and help ensure that everyone has access to an amazing CRM that engages their contacts and furthers their goals.

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Meet ups, conferences, and other real world events are a great way to find out who is using CiviCRM near you. Check out this of upcoming events for something near you.

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There is still time to register for the 2016 CiviCon! Visit for a complete list of sessions, the schedule, and FAQ's about the event. All events will take place on the Colorado State University campus in Ft. Collins, CO. Just over an hour shuttle ride from the Denver...
Around nine years ago, my wife Virginie was Executive Director for the Rocky Mountain French American Chamber of Commerce, and struggling with Excel spreadsheets, paper memberships forms, and email-based event registration. She asked me to help her find a software to manage her nonprofit. Little...

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Whether downloading and donating, or supporting a specific Make It Happen campaign, one-time gifts help sustain CiviCRM for the thousands of organizations worldwide that rely on it.

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End users can join CiviCRM as members and enjoy unique benefits including event discounts, promotional perks, access to key stakeholders, and the ability to directly shape the project.

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Give back to the project that is benefiting your company through partnership and receive partner only benefits incuding promotion to CiviCRM's network of users

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CiviCRM is made possible through the contributions of thousands of organizations and individuals, including...