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20 January, 2020

In october 2019 I spend a few days with the community at the Summit in Barcelona, and it was inspiring as usual! On the way back out of all the things we discussed two themes kept going around in my head. The first was the need for more marketing material that was felt by all present, and the second one was that in my opinion CiviCRM = software + community.

On the first: I truly believe that our marketing has to be done by partners in their own region. They know what is required in their area and how they can approach the market, central initiatives in my opinion run the risk of...

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16 January, 2020
Filed under Training

Join Cividesk on Tuesday, January 21st at 9 am MT/11 am ET for the online training "Organizing a Membership Renewal Campaign". This 2-hour training session will guide you through all the steps necessary for preparing for a membership renewal drive using CiviCRM.

This course is designed for current users of CiviCRM and is recommended for those who have taken the introductory level Fundamentals of Membership Management class. 

Questions? Contact Cividesk training...

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13 January, 2020

For a nonprofit, raising enough funds to do the most good is at the forefront of goal setting this new year. Direct and recurring donations have always been time-proven and effective ways to achieve this goal. But how can a nonprofit differentiate themselves and maximize the revenue available to aid their cause? Adding an e-commerce store with profitable products that both connect to your organization’s vision and add funds to fuel your efforts can be a game-changer.



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09 January, 2020
Filed under Form Builder

The Core Team has been hard at work on the new Form Builder for CiviCRM. Code-named "Afform" (the Affable Administrative Angular Form Framework) - the project is growing into a robust app for composing forms for all different purposes.

After months of development we're happy to announce the first public Alpha release, which you can download and try for yourself at

Key Features

  • Compose your form by dragging-n-dropping fields from a palette
  • ...
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07 January, 2020
By Stoob
Filed under Extensions

Let's ring in the New Year by spinning some new hits and timeless classics for the dancefloor at this CiviCRM extension party. 

//record scratching sound//  Wait, what's an extension, you ask?

It's an add-on so your Civi can do more things in better ways. 

The extension framework was created for CiviCRM several years ago and is analogous to a plugin for WordPress or module for Drupal.  There's an online directory of Civi...

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07 January, 2020
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Start the new year off by getting in shape with CiviCRM!  Cividesk is offering one week of intensive online training for new users of CiviCRM.  Take advantage of this special discounted offer if you sign up for four or more classes during the week. 

Limited spaces are available so click here for more info and to register!

Sorry recorded versions of the sessions are not available. ...

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02 January, 2020
Filed under v5.x, Release

CiviCRM version 5.21.0 is now out and ready to download.

This is a regular monthly release. It is also an Extended Security Release (ESR).

Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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31 December, 2019
Filed under CiviMobile

The day CiviMobile team rolled out its international CiviMobile localization project is long gone. The project is running full blast, gathering pace with every new release of CiviMobile and with every new account of its further international outreach.

Reaching new users and higher goals

CiviMobile app has crossed the bridge to targeted nonprofit organizations worldwide and is now available for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish users. Built to leverage the benefits of charity CRM software and smartphones, the mobile app...

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20 December, 2019
By josh
Filed under Form Builder

Miss yesterday's presentation by Coleman Watts on the new GUI for Form Builder? You can check out the recording here: If you like what you see, please consider supporting the effort. We still have an open campaign for 2019 that you can donate to that directly supports our work on Form Builder.

17 December, 2019
Filed under CiviCRM

With this new release, Agiliway takes СiviCalendar for the excellence-seeking ride to be the smartest organizing and scheduling Civi component. Visual, intuitive, clever and easy to use due to earlier releases, its recent update makes it alluring even for the one who never thought to be a calendar-person. As a major improvement the CiviCalendar extension suggests new ways to interact with your calendar.

More advanced configuration settings


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