Announcing the winner of the CiviCon Colorado Ticket Giveaway

The past several weeks we've been running a promotion for one complimentary registration to CiviCon 2016. Thank you to everyone who signed up and shared our posts!

Using a random number generator, we selected lucky number seven from our list of entries, and the winner is Jeremy Kasman of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, Inc. Congratulations to Jeremy!

Bonus: For all who registered, keep an eye on your inbox - there's a little something special headed your way.


Alternatives to Mandrill

CiviMail is a great way to send targeted email to your supporters using CiviCRM to segment recipients and populate token values. Meanwhile, email marketing services such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact provide sending infrastructure so you don't have to worry much as much about deliverability. By using CiviMail with an SMTP or email API service, CiviCRM users get the benefits of both.

Simple Donate 1.2 and CiviMobile 2.0 release

We at Web Access are happy to announce the release of Simple Donate 1.2 and CiviMobile 2.0. Both the extension are compatible with CiviCRM 4.7.

“Simple Donate” extension allows the administrator to link existing donation pages with our new sleek, user-friendly and responsive donation page.
For more info check:

Introducing Global Sponsorship for CiviCRM Events

CiviCRM continues to make incremental improvements across various aspects of the project in order to both foster growth and stability in the product, as well as deepen community engagement and progress towards financial sustainability. With respect to events, we rolled out some basic guidelines intended to help standardize CiviCRM events. We’ve tried to keep these flexible while at the same time consistent with the Core Team’s overall objectives of ecosystem growth and financial stability.

Sparkpost extension released: send 100,000 email/month free of charge!

The Mandrill email sending service, which a lot of CiviCRM sites were using as a cheap and reliable way to send emails, recently announced major changes in their operations and pricing structure that will certainly make it a lot less attractive to CiviCRM site owners.

Small U.S. Nonprofits: Make your fundraising numbers count

This is the final week for the Individual Donor Benchmark Survey, a tool to help you see how your grassroots fundraising compares to other small nonprofits across the United States.  This is the second year that AGH Strategies has supported the survey by building a CiviCRM extension for easy data collection, so you can complete the survey this afternoon.

TexasCamp 2016

This weekend the Skvare team attended TexasCamp, the first state-wide DrupalCamp! The Dallas conference attracted users and developers from all over the state to learn and network. Skvare showed community support with a Gold-level sponsorship. Since CiviCRM and Drupal work so well together, we shared some presentations that touched on the intersection of both.

CiviCRM Event and CiviMail - Possible integration?

There has been some discussion in my organisation around possibly streamling the process and improvement process in regards to CiviEvents and Inviting people to come to the event. 

The senario is this, We have end users who create events such as come to our Phonebanking evening. Yet there is no way through the event create / configuration process to then create an invite email or similar that could go to a target group. Say there is a group already created of people who have expressed an interest in phone banking.