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CiviCRM Strategic Fundraising and Campaigning GSoC Completion Report

Hi! I am Niko Bochan, a undergraduate student from the University of Bonn, Germany. As part of my Google Summer of Code 2015 project I was working on improving CiviCampaign. My mentor was Björn Endres from SYSTOPIA, which is also – conveniently – based in Bonn.

You can find the last blog post here:

Leveraging CiviCRM Email-to-Activity Processing in Gmail

CiviCRM has a great feature that allows it to check email boxes and add new contacts and activities based on the emails in that box. Gmail has an awesome system of tags and filters. Emails in Gmail can be very tagged and sorted using a vast number of criteria. Together, Gmail can filter and sort large volumes of email with excellent accuracy, then CiviCRM can import the relevant, and only the relevant emails into the contact records.

Preview of CiviVolunteer 2.0: Volunteer Registration as Shopping Cart

In my last blog post I promised I'd share more about CiviVolunteer 2.0's new features as they come together. We've finished our first round of development on what I've been calling the volunteer opportunity shopping cart, and I'm excited to share it with you.

CiviTips Webinar Series

You are a current CiviCRM user and you would like to learn more about a particular feature, attend a CiviTip hosted by Cividesk.

CiviTips are short webinars of 1/2 hour offered weekly designed to educate existing CiviCRM users about tips, best practices and how-to's on a particular CiviCRM functional area.

Either you have missed a training class for your organization or you want a refresh on a specific functionality, you should attend a CiviTip.


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