Announcing CiviCRM 4.6.19 and 4.7.9 Release

The team is super excited to announce that CiviCRM 4.6.19 and 4.7.9 is now available for downloading


Special Thanks

Community support and engagement is the force that sustains and drives CiviCRM forward. This release would not have been possible without the incredible contributions of many people. For the July 6th release, special thanks go to:

Who did what when?

For many years CiviCRM has had the capability to log all actions that take place in the database but while it mostly works well there have been a few issues. I looked into these recently and came up with some improvements, which shipped in 4.7.7 - but if you want to take advantage of them there are some actions you might need to take. This article is mostly intended for a technical audience.


How does CiviCRM logging work?

A project in transition

The Core Team has spent the past six months assessing its capacity, managing a cultural transition, and overseeing the CiviCRM project in a post-founder environment that requires a different approach to economic sustainability. The challenges and opportunities presented by this transition can’t be overstated. We’re confident that, with strong community support, we can evolve CiviCRM into a model open source project.

Announcing the CiviCRM User Summit!

We are pleased to announce that registration for this year’s CiviCRM User Summit is live. The event will once again be held in Washington, DC at the Hilton Garden Inn, U.S. Capitol, starting at 1:30 PM on Thursday, September 22nd and continuing all day on Friday, September 23rd. We are offering an early bird rate through July 15th and CiviCRM members get an extra discount! 

Volunteerism and the CiviCRM Community

Giving back to my community is a core of who I am and it gives me purpose. That is why I love being a contributor to CiviCRM. Volunteerism is how I discovered the power of CiviCRM. As a past board member of the Webster Groves School District Foundation, they reached out to me in 2009 to evaluate their need to review their engagement with eTapestry. I decided to do my research to look for alternative solutions available to understand our options.

CiviCon Colorado 2016 - Great conference, great venue!

With around 75 people in attendance, boasting a variety of end users, developers and implementers representing countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and various states from across the US, CiviCon Colorado 2016 was the place to be!

Fort Collins, Colorado made for a wonderful backdrop to greet this crowd for workshops, the conference, and the coding sprint that followed. Attendees enjoyed informal gatherings as well as a more formal reception al fresco to enjoy a beautiful Colorado evening with scenic mountain views.

The LTS going forwards

At the beginning of this year I announced the intention of the LTS team to support 4.6 as the next LTS and we are committed to keeping 4.6 secure until one year after we stopped supporting 4.4 - ie. the end of January 2017. As with 4.4 the level of support will tail off as key contributors move off 4.6. At this stage we are still getting a large number of fixes for 4.6 and expect to see monthly point releases continuing for the rest of the year.


However, 4.6 might be the last LTS as we know it. Before you get that worried look on your face ... this is a good thing.