CiviCRM Entity - Working with CiviCRM Contacts on Drupal Node Edit Forms Using Inline Entity Form

It's becoming a common request from our clients to find user-friendly ways to integrate CiviCRM data with the rest of their Drupal website functionality. Oftentimes content creators without direct user access to CiviCRM need to do simple things, such as create, update, and delete contacts in simple, specific ways. 

How to get your CiviCRM questions answered - for free

If you haven't checked it out yet, the CiviCRM Stack Exchange is a Q&A site where folks can get free support for using CiviCRM.

It's simple to use - ask a question, get answers.  Users vote on both questions and answers, and there's no chit-chat, just answers.  You earn reputation points when people vote for your questions and answers.  Many top CiviCRM experts use the site and answer questions.

A 'Community Shares' extention for Civi

Hello everybody. I am assessing the feasibility of a CiviCRM integrated 'Community Shares' extension on behalf of my client, the Kindling Trust.

Community Shares are an investment mechanism available to Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies in the UK - see if you want more info.

Wherein the new member of the community finds his place, and the editing guidelines he shares thereof

Hi! My name is Christian Maltais. I'm a founding member of Praxis Labs Coop. We recently launched a Civi hosting service with automated updates. However, I also wanted to help the community on a more personal level. Since I'm not a developer, I felt unsure. How could I fit in?

CiviCon Colorado Session Update: Deadline for submissions is Friday March 18.

The sessions committee is working on developing the program for CiviCon Colorado 2016 and are receiving session topics through Friday March 18. The approach to the session tracks will be different than in previous years.

The sessions will be divided into two categories. One track will be focused on the CiviCRM product and will be divided into two segments: Beginner/User & Advanced/Implementer. The other track will be focused on the CiviCRM community.

Send Wordpress Contact Form 7 data to CiviCRM with API

Our customer Werk met Zin (Network of job coaches in Flanders) has a Wordpress site and uses CiviCRM to manage their relations and cases. On their Wordpress site they allow users to register for some events, which they solve with the civicrm event info and registration pages.

CiviCRM Entity -- Upcoming and Future Development

CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which greatly enhances CiviCRM integration with Drupal. This module exposes many CiviCRM entities as true Drupal entities. That means that almost any module can use Drupal entities. As a result, these modules can access and manipulate CiviCRM data directly from within Drupal via Drupal’s Entity API.

New Online Training Class - Integrating CiviCRM with Drupal

Are you a CiviCRM and Drupal Administrator?
In this online training designed for current users of Drupal and CiviCRM, we will learn how CiviCRM and Drupal work together. The benefits of the integration allow you to display CiviCRM data and pages on your website, to collect data from a form on your website, to grant your Drupal users to edit data in CiviCRM database and much more. We will learn about how to implement these benefits using CiviGroup Roles Sync and CiviMember Roles Sync, CiviCRM Webform, Views, Rules and much more.

Where does your individual donor fundraising stand?

If you're like most leaders of small nonprofits, you want to know where your fundraising stands as compared to other organizations your size. CiviCRM stores a wealth of data, but it might be time-consuming to search for it all. Even then, how will you know you're comparing data apples-to-apples with the rest of the sector?