CiviCON London 2016 - It begins

At our wonderfully well-attended and interesting CiviDay Bristol (here and here), somehow I managed to become co-opted as the chief co-ordinator for CiviCON London 2016 - 6th-7th October - and I'm reliably informed that organising for this event starts now, or earlier even.

Get a sneak-peak of the new API version 4

Mark your calendars, the api team will be doing a webinar introducing api version 4 on Thurs March 24 12:15pm EST.

For anyone that's developed an extension or other integration with CiviCRM, you know how important a good api is. CiviCRM's api version 3 is incredibly useful - it's mature, stable, tested, robust, and even has a handy gui explorer that writes code for you!

Events support and shape CiviCRM

As a project and as software for nonprofits, CiviCRM benefits from events in that they not only raise funds for the Core Team, they raise awareness about this incredible open source CRM and they foster the community participation needed to drive it. We’re excited to see that the first two CiviCon’s in 2016 are coming online, both slated for May/June time frame, though on opposite sides of the world; Ft. Collins, Colorado in the United States and Woerden, Netherlands.

CiviCon North West Europe 2016 on 26 May in Woerden

Last year saw the first CiviCon North West Europe, and this year there will be a sequence! The date is 26 May and the event will take place in Woerden, The Netherlands.

CiviCon North West Europe is THE place to:

Security Releases 4.6.14 and 4.7.3

We are excited to announce the security releases for 4.6.14 and 4.7.3. The latest releases of CiviCRM 4.7 and 4.6 include 2 less critical security fixes. A number of other non-security issues have also been fixed in the latest releases.

CiviDay Dallas 2016

Skvare organized CiviDay in Dallas again this year. There were 12 attendees of varying backgrounds, from new users or those considering a CRM to experienced CiviCRM developers. Thanks to Improving for providing the meeting space!

New on-line training class on Managing Special Events

Learn how to better manage your Special Events using CiviCRM.  In this on-line training class designed for current users, we will explore three examples of different special events and the particulars of creating a price set and profile(s) for each event in order to accurately track participants, offer different pricing options and gather specific event related information from registrants.  We will share best practices for registering multiple participants and how to configure your profiles to accommodate the different options.

CiviDay Denver 2016

For the fourth year in a row, Denver has had a growing and thriving CiviDay co-organized by Cividesk and Teaming 4 Technology. We welcomed nearly 45 attendees for an all-day event in the beautiful venue at the Mile High United Way.

The day began with an informative presentation about the Vision and Ecosystem of CiviCRM presented by Cividesk. Then the participants split up in three different tracks with one track for new users or users evaluating CiviCRM, one track for current users and a technology track for more  technical users.

Both Cividesk and Upleaf presented sessions in the morning. Then after lunch we continued full speed ahead in the afternoon with 2 different training sessions for new users and intermediate users and a co-working session where Cividesk and Upleaf teamed up as experts in the field to answer any questions related to CiviCRM.

Session topics included: