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13 July, 2019
By josh

Two aspects of CiviCRM’s broad roadmap involve improving the user interface and adopting a flexible form builder, both of which are well underway. In some cases, there’s overlap in the end product in that work on one or the other results in an overall better user experience. That’s the case with work that’s currently underway that addresses CiviCRM’s export interface.

By applying some of what the Core Team has already been working on with respect to...

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11 July, 2019
By Eileen
Filed under Extensions

PayPal now has a new, more modern interface for CiviCRM. Thanks to sponsorship from PayPal, CiviCRM offers "PayPal Checkout" (also referred to as "PayPal Smart Buttons" or "PayPal Smart Checkout").


The PayPal Checkout interface offers mobile-friendly payment buttons that vary according to available payment methods. Using PayPal Checkout means you can accept credit card details on your own site (in a modal window) without ever having them entered directly into the form on your site - which simplifies PCI compliance considerations. In addition, PayPal Checkout allows US users...

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11 July, 2019
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Three new extensions were approved this week for in-app installation, thanks to the generosity of extension developers and the hard work of volunteer reviewers.

The CiviCRM Extensions Directory is already filled with over 300 available extensions, many of which have passed the community review process and are thus available for in-app installation.

Take a look at the goodies that await you:

The the 

The new...

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08 July, 2019
By josh
Filed under Community

A few years ago we undertook an effort to capture “contributions” to CiviCRM via a contributor log. As you can imagine, this was and is an imperfect attempt to capture information on who is doing what and when. It’s a difficult task given that community members support CiviCRM in many different ways and through many different channels, including Gitlab, MatterMost, and Stack Exchange to name a few. 

Nonetheless, the contributor log formed as a way for individuals to “log their time (effort)”.  While doing so is completely voluntary, we did at that time tie contributions into the...

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05 July, 2019
Filed under v5.x, Release
CiviCRM version 5.15.0 is now out and ready to download.
Big thanks to Andrew Hunt and Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 5.15.0 can be accessed here.
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01 July, 2019
Filed under Training

Join Cividesk's virtual classroom for this beginner online training session that is a must for all new CiviCRM users or those in need of more formal training!  

The Fundamentals of Contact Management taught on July 8th, 4 to 6 pm MT/ July 9th, 8 to 10 am AEST covers all the basic of managing contacts, relationships, searching, activities, reporting and segmenting your data. 


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27 June, 2019
Filed under GSoC

Time flew by really quick: after community bonding period and first period of coding, the first phase of GSoC is over. To wrap up the first phase, I decided to write a blog post summarizing the work done by me in this period of one month.


Starting with the enhancement done on the Data Processor Extension. Following are the things done in GSoC Phase 1

  • Adding more Data Sources to the Extension extending the functionability.
  • Making data processor more user friendly by adding a exectue button along side the output.
  • Devloping test cases...
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27 June, 2019
By alainb
Filed under Meetups

Vous utilisez déjà CiviCRM dans votre organisation ?

Rejoignez-nous le jeudi 17 octobre 2019 à Paris pour une réunion informelle et gratuite.
Cette rencontre permettra de partager expériences et bonnes pratiques entre utilisateurs CiviCRM en France.

L'évènement se déroulera de 13h30 à 16h00.
Le lieu précis à Paris sera communiqué ultérieurement en fonction du nombre de participants.

S'inscrire maintenant >...

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20 June, 2019
Filed under Partners, Community, Training

Australians helping Australians get the most out of civiCRM

Agileware have been training Australians in CiviCRM for over 2 years. Our training sessions are a fantastic way to get up to speed quickly without having commit your entire day and attend out of normal business hours. Each training session is focussed on a specific topic relevant to your role and is only a 2-hour commitment. Training is led by an experienced CiviCRM implementor and instructor.

Very affordable, costing only $AUD 75 fee for each session. 

You can browse the current training schedule at, ...

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20 June, 2019
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This is an open invitation for everyone in the Asia/Pacific region to join other Australians, New Zealanders etc. on-line to catch-up and discuss all things CiviCRM. If you are a CiviCRM user, developer or casual user with questions, then you are most welcome to join us.
The meeting is only 1 hour and has a set agenda (depending on number of people...
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