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01 December, 2016
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Three weeks ago I wrote about our quest for performance at the Socialist party. This week we had a follow up sprint and I want to thank you for all the comments on that blog.

During this sprint we have been looking into the direction of the amount of groups (+/- 2.700) and whether the amount of groups slowed down the system. We developed a script for deleting a set of groups from all database tables and we deleted around 2.400 groups from the system and we saw that this had an positive impact...

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29 November, 2016
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Preparing for a session at CiviCon London last month, I realised I needed better data than the out of the box sample data. It's a situation I've found myself in a few times so rather than write a one of script to generate the data, I decided to try and write something more generic and reusable. The result is something I am calling CiviPop (or Pop if three syllables / 7 letters is too much for you).

The basic idea is that you create a 'pop file' (in yaml format) that summarizes the data you want to generate and let Pop do the hard...

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18 November, 2016

CiviCRM support for multiple languages and locales has been present for many years already. Features like multilingual donation forms, for instance, are now both common and easy to use. Some usages, however, have remained a source of minor headaches. With the release of CiviCRM 4.7.13, a small step has been made in order to fix a major annoyance that affected multilingual emails.

(billet disponible en français)

The annoyance

Until now, there was no...

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16 November, 2016
By josh

The marketing of CiviCRM benefits from a large number of individuals that work to promote CiviCRM in their own way. At the same time though, CiviCRM’s marketing efforts tend to move in spurts, often without clear direction or cohesion. Whether it be through running an event, creating some collateral, or hosting a CiviCRM 101 Webinar, there are a number of opportunities to market CiviCRM, and each effort sometimes takes a different approach in doing so. Going forward, the Marketing Team will be tasked with coordinating the...

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14 November, 2016
By josh
Filed under Community

A few weeks ago, we rolled out an outline of how we’ll manage contributions to CiviCRM going forward. Full details about the framework are now online here. For this post, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken the effort forward by enabling self-reporting on contributions via a simple contribution log.

While managing community contributions is central to the Core Team’s role, it truly is a...

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11 November, 2016
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After the socialist party upgraded civicrm to version 4.6 a month ago they are experiencing performance issues. In this blog I will round up our quest for performance improvements. But before that some facts about their installation.

  • +/- 350.000 contacts
  • +/- 300 users who can access civicrm and see members in their local chapter
  • +/- 2700 groups
  • There are several campaign websites linked to CiviCRM and one of their successfully campaigns leads to 7500 new contacts per week in the system
  • Running  on a VPS with 4 CPU cores...
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08 November, 2016

Some contributions to your organization might be sensitive if widely known. For example, a planned bequest might need to be kept quite confidential since the donor wants to keep its existence private from other possible inheritors or to remain anonymous about their large donation. Or you might want to restrict viewing of membership contributions to the Membership staff, and events registration contributions to your Events organizer.

The fewer people who have access to confidential information the better. Staff turnover in memberships, event organizing, or even volunteer access to...

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03 November, 2016
Filed under Training

Learn all the basic functions of CiviEvent in this two hour on-line course taught by Cividesk. We will create an on-line event in CiviCRM that can be linked to your website. We'll discuss the best practices for registration and how to add and modify a profile for an event registration page.  You'll learn how to send reminder emails for an event in CiviCRM, track participants, create a participant list, run an event report and much more. Join us on Wednesday, November 9th at 10 am MT for this informative training session. For more information or to register, click...

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02 November, 2016
By totten
Filed under v4.7, v4.6, Release

We're pleased to announce availability of CiviCRM v4.7.13 and v4.6.23.

This release was heavily influenced by the contributors from the sprints in Maryland and Edale and benefited from an extended release-candidate period. Combining the efforts of on-site and face-to-face contributions, this release addressed over 100+ JIRA issues and 170+ pull-requests.

Given the breadth of work, it is difficult to summarize this...

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31 October, 2016
By josh
Filed under Members, Partners, Community

The CiviCRM Core Team is pleased to announce that it will begin hosting monthly webinars for project contributors and supporters (members, partners, sponsors) beginning December 8th, 2016, and continue on the second Thursday of each month throughout 2017. These webinars will be a mix of overall project updates (provided quarterly) and technical improvements and demonstrations (provided 8 months out of the year). A full schedule and details will be provided in advance at

As a project, CiviCRM continues to evolve...

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