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03 August, 2016
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There’s only 24 hours left to take advantage of the special Earlybird tickets at the great price of £145 for the full 2 days (usually £220) or just £95 for a 1 day pass (usually £140)!

Your ticket gives you full access to all the fantastic presentations and interactive workshops showcasing the best and newest features of CiviCRM. You’ll get the opportunity to meet the people putting CiviCRM to use within their organisations...

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01 August, 2016

Do you need to allow parents to register their children? Tired of using custom data fields on a child to collect information about their parents and emergency contacts?    Would you like the information collected during the registration to create (or update) the various contact records needed in the back-office?  Then this blog post is for you.  This recipe creates a contact record for each child, each parent, each emergency contact, the household contact, and also builds the appropriate relationships between each contact.

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01 August, 2016
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Do you currently use CiviCRM?  Are you looking to expand and deepen your knowledge in CiviCRM?  Do you ever wonder if you could use CiviCRM for other functions at work?  Do you want to share the great results you’ve achieved by using CiviCRM?  
If you answered YES to any of the above, then you need to attend the 4th annual CiviCRM User Summit, to be held in Washington, DC Sept 22-23.  This is the most user-centric conference devoted to anything CiviCRM.   We invite you to come, learn and share...
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01 August, 2016
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The team is super excited to announce that CiviCRM 4.6.20 and 4.7.10 is now available for downloading


Special Thanks

Community support and engagement is the force that sustains and drives CiviCRM forward. This release would not have been possible without the incredible contributions of many people. For the August 3rd release, special thanks go to:

  • Big...
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29 July, 2016
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HR is difficult.  Especially if you’re a non-profit, seeking a system that is both affordable and comprehensive.

Many of you will have heard we are working on a project called CiviHR. This a project to make a great open source HR system for non-profits.

With seed funding from the Zing foundation, CiviHR is a fully featured HR system, based on a core of CiviCRM and Drupal, that will be freely available for non-profit organisations.

In the next few months we will be coming to our first release milestone and so, we wanted to...

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28 July, 2016
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CiviCon London: our Earlybird and Session Teasers

Last week we wrote a post introducing CiviCon London 2016, Europe's biggest CiviCRM conference.

Today, we wanted to tell you a little more about our Earlybird tickets and the three specialist session tracks that will be on offer AND give you a sneak preview of some of the amazing sessions you will be able to attend.

Early Bird tickets will be...

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26 July, 2016
By pkeogan
Who is the most important person navigating the CiviCRM website?  Without a doubt, it is the person looking to explore CiviCRM as a possibility for their organization. Making a good impression when this “uninformed user” first navigates to the website is critical.
Until recently it was difficult for the uninformed user to navigate the CiviCRM website. The website simply had too many options and it was unclear how best to proceed.   Too often this meant people getting lost in the site and not navigating to helpful pages.
In today'...
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24 July, 2016
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Getting Started with Color BASIC

I discovered CiviCRM as I was transitioning from accidental techie to intentional techie. While it's true that a TRS-80 Color Computer featured heavily in my childhood — I would secretly leave it powered on for the days it would take me to key in the recipes from Getting Started with Color...

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22 July, 2016
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CiviCON London is Europe's biggest CiviCRM conference, bringing together 200 users, implementers and developers all under one roof. The conference caters for all ends of the CiviCRM spectrum, from those who want to find out if CiviCRM is right for their organisation, to seasoned implementors and developers alike.

There will be case studies and a chance to hear and learn from organisations using CiviCRM, deep dives into the...

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19 July, 2016
By totten
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To ensure that CiviCRM continues to work with standard, contemporary PHP hosting platforms, a future version may make a subtle change in hosting requirements. We expect this to be mostly seamless; however, we're looking for administrators responsible for sites running a recent CiviCRM (e.g. v4.7+) to spend a few minutes to help ensure a smooth transition.

Q: I'm not too fluent in geek-speak. What should I do?

Forward this to whoever manages your server. If you work with a CiviCRM partner, they may be thinking of you already.

Q: I am fluent in geek-...

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