Advantages of Hosting CiviCRM on AWS for Nonprofits and NGOs 

2024-06-14 07:37
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Advantages of Hosting CiviCRM on AWS for Nonprofits and NGOs 

With so many options among CRM hosting providers on the market, choosing which one will take care of your web-based apps can be difficult. Especially considering that the CRM hosting provider is responsible for all computing infrastructure, maintenance, availability, and upgrades. This means that it supports, administers, and secures the whole life cycle of your NGO or nonprofit’s daily operations. CiviCRM on AWS has numerous features, including easy management of contacts, events, donations, mailings, templates, etc., which help the service stand out from the competitors.

Why Was AWS Picked for CiviCRM? 

The answer is simple. AWS solutions were chosen for CiviCRM because of the greater control, higher reliability, and better performance they provide at an affordable price. Thus, leveraging the mixture of services can ensure an efficient and seamless CRM experience.

CiviCRM Hosting Features

Hosting service Civi24Host provides a system hosted in Europe for nonprofits of any size, budget constraints, and tech skills. The following features are what make this hosting a strong player in the current market: 

  1. The CRM hosting provides a secure environment with SSL-encrypted connections, protection against SSL and DDoS attacks, firewall software for added security, monthly critical security updates, adherence to SLA guarantees and GDPR compliance, and ongoing investment in security measures. 
  1. Focused on usability, the hosted CRM offers on-demand access for organization constituents, accessible from any device with an internet connection, includes up to 4,000 emails per month or more, supports an unlimited number of contacts across all packages, encompasses all CiviFeatures, provides a mobile app, and ensures a stable environment suitable for small and large NGOs. 
  1. Ensuring stable and reliable performance, the service harnesses the power of high-end VPS servers, offers dedicated CPU and SSD storage, conducts daily backups for consistent uptime, maintains a fast high-bandwidth network, provides scalability of tools, and employs continuous monitoring. 
  1. CiviCRM web hosting services scale by offering tailored CiviCRM training according to the customer needs, facilitating data migration from old CRMs, configuring dedicated mailing servers, setting up custom domains, developing custom extensions, and providing additional custom services upon request. 


I don't doubt that AWS provides the features listed above. And fast, reliable services can be found elsewhere, too.

However many NGOs, non-profits etc. are set up for a social purpose; a public good. Many have ethical criteria to ensure that the suppliers they use are aligned with their own purposes.

Personally I could never recommend Amazon for that reason as the giant company pays very little tax, treats workers poorly the world over and merrily profits from aggressive up-selling of unnecessary products slowing our chances of avoiding catastrophic climate change; as with all monopolistic big tech companies, profits are funnelled up to the top, "driving and exacerbating within country income inequality", as the UN put it.

I know that only party poopers bring ethics into a discussion of tech, which is awash with hype and would have you believe that the ends always justify the means. But if we're to make this world a better place for everyone, and especially for generations to come, we need to prioritise sustainability when choosing tech partners.

Party Poopers of the World Unite!

I agree 100% - I try to avoid Amazon whenever possible. And I encourage groups to ask their providers where their database is actually physically located. Is it with AWS? Is it with Google? And how does that play with your organization's mission?